Book Traveling Thursdays Oct. 8th – Book to Movie Adaptation That You Enjoyed

Hello everyone!

It’s Book Traveling Thursday yet again. This is a weekly meme created by Danielle at Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia at TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch. You can find all of the information you’ll need to participate on the Goodreads page.

This week’s topic is Book to Movie Adaptation You Enjoyed. And I wanted to be creative, I really did I swear, but I don’t want a giant amount of book to movie adaptations. My general rule is if I haven’t seen the book I can’t see the movie until I do. Sometimes a few pass me by (My Sister’s Keeper, all the Nicholas Sparks book to movie adaptations) but I usually do pretty well with this rule.

Because of that I went with something totally obvious but that I’ll still enjoy talking about.

SO let’s get started!

My choice for this week is The Hunger Games for Suzanne Collins. Totally saw that coming didn’t you? But to be honest, I am obsessed with the movie adaptations of this series. I have the DVD of the Hunger Games and I watch it constantly. Anytime any of them are on TV, I’ll watch them. And I am dying for Mockingjay Part 2 to come out in November. I will be the first one in line at the theater, you bet.

Original Cover & My Country Cover

The Hunger Games Cover

I’m not overly crazy about this one but it’s not the worse. I love the mockingjay, I think its the most recognizable part of the Hunger Games trilogy and I love how clear and distinctive they made it, right from the beginning. A lot of the covers around the world are this cover with a few modifications but I found some that are different.

My Favorite Cover

The Hunger Games Australian Luxury Cover The Hunger Games US Rerelease 1 Cover The Hunger Games US Rerelease 2 Cover

Yes, I’m cheating again. I don’t really because the beauty of these covers is something that has to be shouted to the rooftops! The first cover is an Luxury Australian edition, the second is a re-release of the paperback which came out in 2011 and the last one is the newest re-release which came out October 1st of this year. What I love about all of these (that strangely I don’t usually like) is their simplicity. They all have a one color scheme and the pin as the most prominent thing displayed on the cover. Simple but effective and beautiful.

My Least Favorite Cover

The Hunger Games Swedish Cover The Hunger Games German Cover The Hunger Games British Cover

Do I really need to explain these atrocities? The first is the Swedish cover. I feel like it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual plot. The girl looks like a straight up alien. The second is the German cover which again, nothing to do with the plot. I feel like the girl looks more like a werecat than a survivor of a harsh district. And the last one is the cover for the UK and I just think it looks ugly. It’s gray and red which makes me think of blood, that makes a little sense but it does not work visually were well.

So that’s it for my choices! Let me know what you think of the covers and if you agree with my favorites. Thanks for reading. See you on my next post!




8 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays Oct. 8th – Book to Movie Adaptation That You Enjoyed

  1. That’s a great choice. I did a Book Covers Around the World a few months ago about the trilogy and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t like at least your first least favorite cover. Have you seen the same edition for the other books? It’s basically the same image but the colors change. They are terrible. I love your favorite covers but ,my favorite one is the one that has shiny covers. It’s so beautiful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t checked out the editions for the others in the trilogy but I trust your judgement. I usually don’t like covers that are so simple but these just scream the series to me, one day I’m going to buy the whole trilogy again with those covers I swear haha

      Liked by 1 person

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