The High School Stereotypes Tag

Hello everyone! I am here today with a tag. Usually this would be a Book Traveling Thursday post but I didn’t really feel like I had any books that fulfilled the topic so I decided to dive into one of the many tags I have yet to post.

This tag is called the High School Stereotypes tag and it was created by Giovanna over at BookComaBlog. Click here to see her original post and inspiration.

Choose Characters from your favorite books who fit these high school stereotypes.
Tag as many people as you want to do this tag!

SO let’s get started!

#1: The Mean Girl

Β Pretty Little Liars Cover

I don’t think I really have to explain my choice of Alison DiLaurentis as my mean girl. Although I’ve only read the first book in this series and she doesn’t show up cause you know, everyone thinks she’s dead, the flashbacks we get of how she acts are enough to know that she’s the kind of manipulative bitch that gets the name mean girl.

#2: The Dumb Jock

The Deal Cover

I was torn between choosing Garret Graham for Dumb Jock or Bad Boy because he’s both. But I decided to go with this one because the entire plot of this book revolves around him needing to improve his grades to be able to continue playing hockey, so obviously he has the dumb jock thing down pat.

#3: The Bully

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass Cover

I think the title says it all no? Yaqui Delgado is the bully and that’s the reason I read this for the #AntiBullyReads readathon last year. She doesn’t portray a bully as much as I thought she would in this book but there is no mistaking her characterization.

#4: The Bad Boy

Ink Exchange Cover

I was trying to pick only contemporary characters since it’d be easier to imagine them in a high school setting but I haven’t read enough of the genre to be able to do that. So for this I decided to pick Irial, who in this book is the King of the Dark Court of fairies whose way of surviving is causing chaos and injury. Enough said.

#5: The Girl with the Bad Reputation

Vampire Academy Cover

Now before you freak out, let me explain my choice of Rose Hathaway. I read the first few books of this series back in 8th grade and then more recently reread the first book back in April. She’s one of my favorite characters in the entire world but there’s a specific instance in this first book where a rumor goes around about her having a bad reputation so I figured it counted.

#6: The Geek

The Truth About Forever Cover

I had to agree with Giovanna’s choice for this because there is no one more geeky than Jason Talbot, ever. I swear there is no other character in this world who is more of a nerd than this guy. And let’s not talk about his geeky groupies and their judgmental ways.

#7: The Drama Geek

Just One Year Cover

I don’t really consider him a geek per se but Willem is really into drama. He likes to act and is actually incredibly good at it. He travels around the world in this book and somehow always ends up involved with something or someone having to do with drama. Gotta love it.

#8: The Band Music Geek

Just Listen Cover

I had to adjust this one because I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that features a band geek so I decided to change it to music geek and picked Owen Armstrong who is into some… eclectic types of music styles. Some I definitely don’t agree with but you gotta appreciate someone who doesn’t mind taking risks in their tastes.

#9: The Wannabe

The Fill-In Boyfriend Cover

I think I adjusted the meaning of this a little bit too because I don’t think Gia Montgomery fits the gif Giovanna shared for this one but I do think of her as a wannabe. She fabricates an elaborate story about her boyfriend so her friends will still like her and think her popular. Yes, it’s a bit ridiculous when you write it down but the book isn’t actually that bad.

And last but not least

#10: The Stoner/Slacker

The Fixer Cover

I couldn’t not mention a lovely character named Asher from this book in this category. I don’t think he’s a stoner but he’s definitely a slacker. He’s the kind of guy that is really chill and not really academically inclined. Prefers to get drunk or cause mischief than to apply himself.

So that’s it for this tag! If you would like to do it, feel free to say I tagged you. As always I am tagging my friend Gervan cause he needs to post more on his blog and cause that’s what friends do haha. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!




5 thoughts on “The High School Stereotypes Tag

  1. The logic behind how Garrett (from The Deal) couldn’t apply himself but seemed to know black and white facts of history was the most willy nilly thing ever; such that he couldn’t even perform at an average by memorizing the philosophical theories and just regurgitate that info. Granted, I wasn’t a philosophy major so I can’t completely judge but still. It baffled me.

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