December ’15 TBR – Retellings Theme

Hello everyone!

For this last month of the year I decided to 1. have a huge TBR because at the time I wasn’t sure if i’d be behind my Goodreads challenge and 2. read one of my favorite genres. So the list that you are about to see is extensive, really really long and I’m not sure if I’ll get to everything because let’s be honest, I went a little overboard.

My theme for this month is retellings! All kinds. From fairytale to Robin Hood to the Wizard of Oz to Alice in Wonderland. I am so very very excited to get started today and to dive into all these great books.

Here are the books I’m hoping to read this month:

First Order of Business:
Curse of the Sphinx
by Raye Wagner

Curse of the Sphinx Cover

This is an e-ARC I got from NetGalley because I thought the cover was cool and I’d never read anything with a Sphinx in it. This has already been published but I’m still kind of looking forward to it.


TBR Jar Pick:
Maid of Secrets (Maids of Honor #1)
by Jennifer McGowan

Maid of Secrets Cover

Yay! I was so excited when I pulled this out of my TBR jar. This is about sort of a female secret service for the queen of England in some regency period. It’s historical fiction which is my third favorite genre and it seems really interesting. I love books with conspiracies and plots to kill people and the ins and outs of a court, so I’m excited.


Monthly Book Club:
by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl Cover

We were going to read this last month but life got in the way for all of us and we’re going to try again this month. Cross your fingers for us!


Ensnared (Splintered #3)
by A.G. Howard

Ensnared Cover

I have been waiting the entire year to read this since this came out in January because 1. I’m really scared for how it’s going to end and 2. I’m a weirdo who can’t read a book outside of my theme unless it’s my TBR jar pick or a readathon. I’ve already started it but I’m feeling a little lost since it’s been so long since I read the second book. Hopefully I will love this last one as much as the first two.


The Lunar Chronicles #.5, #.6, #1, #1.5, #2, #3, #3.5 and #4
Glitches, The Little Android, Cinder, The Queen’s Army, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest and Winter
by Marissa Meyer

 Glitches Cover The Little Android Cover Cinder Cover The Queen's Army Cover Scarlet Cover Cress Cover Fairest Cover   Winter Cover

Yes, I know this is already a lot. Attempting to read the entire Lunar Chronicles series in a month is a really tough challenge and I haven’t even finished the rest of this post. But, I’ve heard so many great things about this series especially last month with the release of Winter that I just can’t wait anymore.


Strands of Bronze and Gold
by Jane Nickerson

Strands of Bronze and Gold Cover

This is a retelling of Bluebeard the fairytale, one I have never heard of. But what’s really attractive about this book to me is that I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about it except for Sam from ThoughtsonTomes on Booktube and even then that was a long time ago. I’m hoping this will be a hidden gem.


The Mirk and Midnight Hour
by Jane Nickerson

The Mirk and Midnight Hour Cover

This is sort of like a companion book to the one above. It seems like they’re set in the same universe but this one is a retelling of Tam Lim (never heard of that either) and it features different character. The rarities of these fairytales is pretty the draw that I feel towards these two books to be honest.


Scarlet Trilogy #1, #2 and #3
Scarlet, Lady Thief and Lion Heart
by A.C. Gaughen

Scarlet 2 Cover Lady Thief Cover Lion Heart Cover

This is supposed to be a retelling of Robin Hood, but I think it’s more of a re imagining considering she is not Robin Hood, she’s just an addition to the story. I’ve loved Robin Hood since I was little and although there’s mixed reviews for this trilogy, I’m looking forward to finding my own opinion.


by Heather Dixon

Entwined Cover

This is a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses which again I have not read but I’ve heard a few people on booktube talk about this book. It sounds pretty interesting and it should be quick.


A Kiss in Time
by Alex Flinn

A Kiss in Time Cover

I’ve read one book by Alex Flinn before and it was Cloaked which was a retelling of a few fairy tales put together, one of them was the Frog Prince. I’ve been looking forward to reading more of her books and instead of going for the obvious choice, which is Beastly, I decided to go with this Sleeping Beauty retelling. My favorite thing about the way she does retellings is that they’re very modern and funny, so I’m excited.


Cruel Beauty Universe #1 and #2
Cruel Beauty and Gilded Ashes
by Rosamund Hodge

Cruel Beauty Cover Gilded Ashes Cover

 I feel like I’m one of the only person who hasn’t read Cruel Beauty. This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast and it’s been very popular in the book community. I’m sure sure how I’ll feel about it since I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, but I want to give it a try anyway.


Crimson Bound
by Rosamund Hodge

Crimson Bound Cover

Yeah, the Little Red Riding Hood is my guilty pressure. It was one of my favorite fairy tales ever and I am just into retellings and I wanna see how she does this. Again, mixed reviews but I love making my own opinions so I’m going for it.


Dorothy Must Die Series #.1, #.2, #.3, #.4, #.5, #1 and #2
No Place Like Oz, The Witch Must Burn, The Wizard Returns, Heart of Tin, The Straw King, Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise
by Danielle Paige

The Witch Must Burn Cover The Wizard Returns Cover Heart of Tin Cover The Straw King Cover Dorothy Must Die Cover The Wicked Will Rise Cover

Side note: I had no idea this series had these many novellas like seriously though. There’s more novellas than books out. Obviously re imagining of the Wizard of Oz, most of you should know this series already. That’s one of my favorite movies and I adore the songs from it. I’ve been dying to read this series since I discovered the first book and realized how morbid and violent this could be for such a lovely movie. I hope I get to these books.


And I’m going to stop there even though there’s five more books on my actual written list. I know I have a problem. Just wait til you see my list next month haha. Thanks so much for reading all the way down to this part. See you on my next post!




13 thoughts on “December ’15 TBR – Retellings Theme

  1. Ah! The Lunar Chronicles! Yes! It only took me a day or two to read each of the books (except Winter which took 3 days), so I’m sure you can read all of them in a month 😀

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  2. OH MY LORDY! That is a LOT of books! 0.0 I am also really looking forward to reading ‘Scarlet’ and ‘Crimson Beauty’. Though, I can’t say whether or not I’ll finish reading the Dorothy Must Die series. Kind of lost interest after finishing book one.. :/

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