January ’16 TBR – High Fantasy Theme

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Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!! Again haha. It boggles my mind that we’re already in 2016. Isn’t that crazy?! This will be my 22nd year on Earth. Insane.

Today I’m sharing my January TBR and as you can tell by the title, the theme is High Fantasy. This is an annual theme that I do every year to start the year off with some great reading of my favorite genre.

Because it’s my fave, y’all know this list is going to be gigantic.

Here are the books I’m hoping to read this month:

First Order of Business:
Burning Midnight
by Will McIntosh

Burning Midnight Cover

This is an eARC that I got from NetGalley. I don’t really know what it’s about but I like to go into my ARCs that way so I don’t have a predisposition to like it or hate it. Hopefully this will be good and definitely except a review next month.


TBR Jar Pick:
The Taking
by Kimberly Derting

The Taking Cover

I got this book for my TBR pick of the month (thanks to my mommy who pulled it out for me) and the only thing I know about it is that it’s about aliens. I think the main character gets abducted and shows up five years later and everything is upside down and she gotta figure it what the f happened to her. So let’s see what happens!


Monthly Book Club:
by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl Cover

This time we’re doing it! I swear it! We tried in November, we tried in December but we decided that we wanted a quick break before starting fresh in 2016. We still want to read this book and it’s going to happen okay?! Look out for a Soundtrack to my Book for Fangirl cause it’s going to be there.


Read It While It’s Hot Challenge:
The Score
by Elle Kennedy

The Score Cover

Check out my 2016 Reading Challenges post from yesterday if you have no idea what the RIWIH Challenge is. This is the third book in the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy which is the reason why I picked it for my new release to read of the month even though I have a huge list for January. I read the second book in November and the main character in this one is absolutely hilarious and I’m so excited!


Queen of Shadows
by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows Cover

I’ve actually already started this book and the decision was much more scary than it should’ve been. I am absolutely terrified of what’s going to happen. I’ve told a few of my friendsย  this and you may think it’s dumb but I’m barely 20% through it and my heart is already shattered on the floor of my bedroom. How much worse can it get, I mean really?


Chronicles of Ixia #3, #3.5, #3.6, #4, #5 and #6
Fire Study, Power Study, Ice Study, Storm Glass, Sea Glass and Spy Glass
by Maria V. Snyder

Fire Study Cover Power Study Cover Ice Study Cover

Storm Glass Cover Sea Class Cover Spy Glass Cover

So you guys should know my love for this series and Maria V, Snyder by now. I’ve read the first two books and reviewed them and I’m hoping to at least finish the Study part of the trilogy this month and maybe trying for the Glass trilogy is pushing it but there’s two novellas in here to maybe I’ll take a chunk out of it too. After this there’s another three books added to the original Study series and I want to get to those ASAP.


Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2)
by Sara Raasch

Ice Like Fire Cover

I read Snow Like Ashes in July last year and I really enjoyed it. Originally this was lower on my TBR list for this month but I decided to kick it up to have more of a chance to read it because the first book was so promising, I want to see how well the second book stood against that thought. I hope this doesn’t have second book syndrome (or the filler book syndrome).


Falling Kingdoms #1, #2, #3 and #4
Falling Kingdoms, Rebel Spring, Gathering Darkness and Frozen Tides
by Morgan Rhodes

Falling Kingdoms Cover Rebel Spring Cover Gathering Darkness Cover

Frozen Tides Cover

This is the number two series that I wanted to start in 2016 and I am committed! At least the first book is going to be under my belt because I’ve heard so many great things about this series from a lot of people. I hope all the hype around it is not disappointing or that there’s something within the plot that bothers me cause I don’t want anyone hunting me down haha.


The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling #2)
by Erika Johansen

The Invasion of the Tearling Cover

I read the first book in this trilogy in November and I really enjoyed it. The main character was great and the plot was gripping and there are some many things left hanging! I mean only the title called Invasion tells me a lot about what’s going to happen, but STILL. There’s so much history that we don’t know about! Something I hope is in this is ore world building cause I’m telling you, it is necessary.


Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods and Royals #1)
by Eleanor Herman

Legacy of Kings Cover

I have been dyingggg to read this book since I saw the cover and the blurb. But I haven’t because I’m a weirdo that doesn’t read books until she has the right theme. So I’m hoping this is good, it’s high fantasy but at the same time, historical fiction and a retelling of Alexander the Great as a teenager. Doesn’t that sound cool?


The Girl of Fire and Thorns #1, #2 and #3
The Girl of Fire and Thorns, The Crown of Embers and The Bitter Kingdom
by Rae Carson

The Girl of Fire and Thorns Cover The Crown of Embers Cover The Bitter Kingdom Cover

Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes binge read this series a few months ago and her review of it really spoke to me. I’d always had it on my TBR but never really gave it too much thought, but she spoke about how the fantasy world is very Hispanic/Latin influenced. I’ve never read a book like that before and you all know I’m Latina and I really hope to at least read the first book and start this series.

So I’m going to leave it there cause if you haven’t counted there’s 21 books there but I still have 12 more books as options, including the Grisha trilogy and An Ember in the Ashes. I also might be continuing the Lunar Chronicles so make sure you check my wrap up later or add me on Goodreads to see what I end up doing. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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19 thoughts on “January ’16 TBR – High Fantasy Theme

  1. OH my god you’re like my book twin!

    Soo, I’ve been avoiding Rainbow Rowell’s books for years now. I have no idea why but I just never really bought into the hype. I saw a review and seems SO lovely. Perhaps when you start reading Fangirl I’ll jump on the bandwagon and do it also.

    As for QOS. THE CRINGING LASTS FOREVER!!!! Oh god. All the feels will spill from it. I encourage you to read it because it’s heartbreaking and amazing all at once. Maas knows how to make us suffer.

    The Poison Study series is one of my top series ever. I actually recently made a post about why but Snyder’s writing is awesome. I just finished reading the Storm Glass series and I hated it though, so I’m just pretending I didn’t read it. Can’t wait for the new release later this year! :D. If you have any recommendations for me let me know n_n. – Cat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I haven’t dived into Rainbow Rowell yet, hopefully the hype won’t let me down. QOS IS BREAKING MY HEART! There’s so much room for despair and disaster and I am still so terrified. I don’t know if my heart can take it. Oh no! Why didn’t you like it? Is it because of the protagonist because I’ve heard people don’t like her much. I’ll let you know if I become obsessed with any of these books enough to recommend some


      • I became convinced that Maas wrote QOS to rip the hearts out of everyone who shipped… certain people… (trying not to spoil anything). IT RIPS YOUR SOUL! Her writing is on point though, the ending was killer. Also, how do you feel about the Manon chapters? I really didn’t like them but forced myself to read it

        As for Storm Glass.. I was on Opal’s team for the first two books of her series, then in the end I was CRUSHED! I was so shocked by how she ended up at the end I couldn’t. If I had a physical book I might have thrown it. The only other book I’ve thrown was QOS after that huge heartbreak happened at the beginning-ish.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah don’t spoil me because I’m only halfway through but I may know what you’re talking about. I actually loveee the Manon chapters. I find it so interesting to see how she balances her wicked and mean heritage with her inner self and moral compass. She’s such a complex and intricate character that even if she is kind of a bitch *cough not as bad as Aelin cough* I still like to see what she’ll do next. Oh oh. Well I’ll let you know if I manage to get to the trilogy what I think


      • Hahaha yes! It took me a LOT to get into her chapters (I just wanted to know what was happening with Aelin!), but it was really interesting to see how complex Manon is. She has a lot of internal struggles with herself and how others expect her to be. And haha on the bitch point, Aelin is full out badass which in turn makes her one, I love that about her. I can’t wait for you to finish the book. Let me know because the weeping and badassery is coming. *Retreats from this comment ominously*

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been meaning to read Fangirl, but I haven’t heard of a lot of the other books you’ve mentioned. It’s still a very organized January TBR. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So many wonderful books in this list. Admittedly I’ve not read a lot of them haha. I’m hearing a lot of great things about the Falling Kingdom series and I feel like at some point I’m going to have to check them out. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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