#RYBSAT Round 7 Wrap Up

RYBSAT Round 7 Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

I am here today to share the books I managed to read in round 7 of the Read Your Bookshelf A Thon. This is the second time I participated in this readathon, the first being round 5. I really enjoy it because it gives me a chance to read some books that aren’t necessarily on the very top of my TBR list.

Unfortunately, this readathon didn’t go as I planned. The week it was running was one of the hardest and longest weeks I’ve ever had and I spent two days not reading anything. I skipped a book and everything which is something I never do, but either way I did manage to read a few.

Here are the books I read:

A Work in Progress
by Connor Franta

A Work in Progress Cover

4 Stars

This is the first memoir I’ve ever read and I actually really enjoyed it. It was not really what I was expecting. I thought it would have more to do with him and his life and while there were tidbits and stories, it was mostly advice and things he’d like to share about what he’s learned. A lot of recycled advice but in a new and interesting way to share it. Loved the added photography aspects.

Luck on the Line
by Zoraida Cordova

Luck on the Line Cover

4 Stars

 Originally my second book was supposed to be Becoming Jinn by Lori Goldstein but then I spent day 2 and 3 of RYBSAT not reading it so I decided to skip and go to this book which I’ve wanted to read since November. I am so lucky lately to have come across real and genuine New Adult. Not overly dramatic or angsty but that show life in an honest way. Safe to say that I really enjoyed this book.

Love on the Ledge
by Zoraida Cordova

Love on the Ledge Cover

4 and a half Stars

I was so excited to dive into the second book of the On the Verge series and I definitely liked this one so much more! I was a little worried at first because it’s about a character that we meet in the first book but don’t really get to know but all of that was unnecessary. The writing got better and funnier, the characters were genuine and complex and the story just took me home. Nothing like reading about a latin family to get you immersed into those feels. OH! And my frist ever Book Boyfriend is from this book. So yeah, it’s amazing. I NEED THE THIRD BOOK.

Though I finished that last book with still hours left in #RYBSAT I decided to stop there and not try for another book. Overall, though the quantity is very low, I loved the quality of the books I read so I’m calling this readathon a win anyway!

So that’s it for all the books I read for this week’s readathon. Let me know if you’ve read any of them and what you thought. Or if you want to check them out now thanks to my thoughts. Thanks so much for reading and see you on my next post!

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