Looks on Books #2

LOB #2

Hello everyone!

I am back with one of my original features inspired by Lila @ The Bookkeeper’s Secret and Reg @ She Latitude to put together outfits inspired by book covers. I’m highlighting some of my favorite books, new and old, by creating outfits I would wear inspired by their book covers.

SO let’s get started!

On Display: Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Looks on Books #2 - Everything Leads to You


I haven’t really talked a lot about this book on my blog, mostly in just a few tags were I got to talk about my favorite LGBTW+ books. I read this last year for February and I wasn’t really expecting much from it but I was completely blown away. In general, the plot is really simple and the writing is good but there is so much more to this than just that. It’s so hard to explain the kind of feelings this book brings up. It’s a lot deeper than just a story about a girl who likes another girl.
It’s about family and friendship and going with your gut and living your dreams.
I’ve seen a few people talk about this book but there need to be more on that list! If you love LGBTQ+ books, you should give this a read. If you love unexpected settings and plot points, you should read this book! And if you’d like, you can see more of my in depth thoughts in my Youtube video review here. (No judging the awful way I speak on camera, that’s why I switched to blogging.)

Fun fact: This book takes you into a behind the scenes look on how movie sets are created.


A wunderkind young set designer, Emi has already started to find her way in the competitive Hollywood film world.

Emi is a film buff and a true romantic, but her real-life relationships are a mess. She has desperately gone back to the same girl too many times to mention. But then a mysterious letter from a silver screen legend leads Emi to Ava. Ava is unlike anyone Emi has ever met. She has a tumultuous, not-so-glamorous past, and lives an unconventional life. She’s enigmatic…. She’s beautiful. And she is about to expand Emi’s understanding of family, acceptance, and true romance.

So that’s it for this post! Let me know what you think of the look and if you’ve read this book. If you haven’t, I hope you’ll give it a chance and when you do, make sure to let me know all your thoughts on it! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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11 thoughts on “Looks on Books #2

  1. OMG! The look for Everything Leads to You is PERFECTION! I see these look boards and I want to wear everything so badly, no matter if it would actually fit me or not hahahaha but it just looks so cute and airy, just like the book!

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