Weekly Obsessions #1

WO #1

Hello everyone!

I am here today to share another new feature that I’m starting on my blog. This was greatly inspired by Superfruit on Youtube because they talk about their weekly obsessions at the end of every single one of their videos and since I have a hugely obsessive personality, I decided to create a biweekly feature to talk about all the things I’m currently loving. Why biweekly? Because I am not that proactive to manage to be obsessed with things every week, the obsessions have to last more than just one week in my life.

SO let’s get started!

book obsession

A Darker Shade final for Irene

If you’ve seen this post previously, you’ll know that I originally had Skandal by Lindsay Smith in this spot. And while my obsession with that book is not over, it’s been surpassed by the magnificence of this gorgeous book. I’m three quarters of the way through and it still amazes me how flawlessly Schwab weaves such a complex story together.

Cover Obsession

RoseBlood Cover

If you’ve seen this post previously, you’ll know that I originally had Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff in this spot. Again, still obsessed with that cover BUT look at this beauty! This is the newest book by A.G. Howard who is the author of the Splintered Series. Although I have a big no no rule to people on covers, because her faces are designed so specifically to match the characters in her books, I absolutely adore them. I’m so excited for this!


Book Is Glee

I recently made a lovely friend in Mariana from Book is Glee. We bonded over our love for Poison Study and all its covers and her blog is beautiful! She recently redid her graphics and everything looks really clean and geometric like and I’m obsessed with her posts. Go check her out!


  1. Something you all should know about me is that I absolutely adore Fifth Harmony. Work from Home came out a few weeks ago and I’ve been listening to it nonstop and watching the video like it’s my job! Say what you want about the lyrics, the beat is really catchy and I NEED TO LEARN THEIR CHOREOGRAPHY, like yesterday! These girls have grown so much since their days on The X-Factor and I’m really proud to call myself a fan.



For the last few weeks, I’ve been binge watching the last three seasons of this show and I finally got to the last episode a few nights ago! I absolutely adore this show, it’s so funny and all the characters are a part of my heart now. I’m really pumped to see where the plots are going and how they are going to continue to develop the group while still keeping the same humor and love. Love this show!!

So that’s it for my weekly obsessions! I am hoping that I’ll have a lot more to share the next few times, like movies and other things. So if you have any suggestions for things to try out and talk about on this feature, let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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