The Book Love Tag

The Book Love Tag

Hello everyone!

I know, I know. You’re probably getting tired of these. Too bad because I have a lot more where this one came from. My friend Anette @ Anette Reads tagged me to do her original tag which she created for Valentine’s Day and I’m doing it in mid March because I suck. Either way, thanks so much for tagging me!

This is basically a lot of questions about book couples which I am going to slay because I am OTP obsessed.

SO let’s get started!

Your Favorite Book Couple

Poison Study Cover

This is one of the hardest questions ever because I am an OTP kind of girl. I have a giant list of favorite couples but in the end I decided to pick my all time favorite ever, the ones I’ve loved for the longest time. Yelena and Valek from the Study trilogy are my babies. They have the sweetest, most passionate slow burn romance and it gives me life.

Your Top 3 book boyfriends

Love on the Ledge Cover

I only have on book boyfriend, the only one ever, of all time and that is Hayden. He is the best ever, I absolutely adore him and want one for myself. If I had a machine that made him real it would totally be done right this second.

Imagine Your favorite book couple. Who would propose and how?

I honestly think that Yelena would end up being the one to propose. Mostly because she’d get tired of waiting for him to ask and would just blurt it out but not in a cute way like Monica from Friends did, in a very sarcastic and tactless way because that’s how she is. Sort of like “Valek, what’s going on? Are you gonna marry me or not?” But at the same time smiling at him in that soulmate kind of way *sigh*

Unpopular opinions time! name a popular pairing you can’t stand

Fangirl Cover

It’s not that I can’t stand them, it’s just that I didn’t connect with them as much as other people have. It was a cute romance with a slow development but I liked one character more than the other so most of the time I was just like meh.

What’s your favorite and least favorite romance trope?

My favorite would have to be when characters start up a sexual relationship first and pretend they’re not. And then they become friends and slowly that turns into an amazing love and romance *another sigh* Kind of like one of my favorite books ever.

My least favorite would have to be the girl who falls in love with the guy that saves her and makes her seem like a damsel in distress. In general I don’t like books where the girls are defenseless the majority of the time and it makes it ten times worse when some random guy swoops in and saves her ass ALL. THE. TIME.

do you ship non-canon couples often? name some if you do.

Never. I tend to be good at picking the guy (if there’s a love triangle) or falling in love with the male lead and the relationship that builds. So I have no non-canon couples that light my fire so to speak haha.

your opinion on love triangles, go!

Hate them 90% of the time because they are never done well. Usually you can tell when the author likes one of the guys better and wants you to root for him more. And there are times when one of the male characters is just there to try and make it interesting for like a minute, not to be real competition. The only time I’ve enjoyed them and thought they were done well is when the girl (usually the one that has to choose) has a dual personality, meaning she’s half and half of two different things. For example, Alyssa from the Splintered trilogy. Great love triangle in that series.

favorite and least favorite love triangle?

Favorite I’ll mention again and it’s the love triangle from Splintered: Alyssa and Jeb and Morpheus. I think it’s very well done and although I am part of a particular team, both male protagonist are good for my heroine, they enhance different things about her personality.

Least favorite is the love triangle from the Everneath trilogy: Nikki and Jack and Cole. I only liked one person in this triangle and he didn’t end up anywhere I liked. It was so frustrating and it’s one of the series that I hate the most ever.

Sometimes romance isn’t the way to go. favorite friendship?

Shatter Me Cover 1

I figured when she made this question with the intention of talking about male and female friendship, so I picked Juliette and Kenji because their relationship is so genuine and beautiful. Their banter is hilarious and they really care about each other. And it’s great to prove that girls and guys can be friends with no romantic feelings involved.

what’s your favorite scene with your bookish otp?

My favorite scene from Yelena and Valek is from Poison Study where he finally confesses his feelings for her and compares her to poison. It’s cute I swear!

Poison Study quote

imagine your favorite book couple again. who’s the most excited about valentine’s day (either ironically or genuinely)?

Definitely Valek. I don’t know if he’d take it very seriously or more as a joke but he’d definitely be a lot more conscious of it than Yelena cause she doesn’t care about any of that. She’s too busy being a badass to schedule a moment of romance with her man. They just show up at each other’s battles and make out after they win haha.

I’m going to tag:

Aldii @ perfectioninbooks

Mariana @ Book is Glee

Shealea @ That Bookshelf Bitch

And that’s it for this tag! Thanks again to Anette for tagging me! Let me know what you all thought of my answer and what you would’ve said. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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  1. AHH!! Valek & Yelena! And the Splintered trio, and Juliette and Kenji, and the quote! ❤ Thank you for tagging me. But then, I afraid my turn wouldn't be interesting enough, since you've literally spoken (or written 😛 ) my thoughts. Haha, love your answers a bunch!! XD

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