Sara 101: How I Organize Myself (And My Blog)

Sara 101 How I Organize Myself

Hello everyone!

Look at me shelving out all these new features and memes! I am here today to introduce another new feature on my blog. It’s called Sara 101 and it’s basically about me and anything and everything that I could want to share about my personal life.

I’ve talked about my slight OCD self and that I am crazy organized when it comes to my life, so I decided that the best first post for Sara 101 would be to talk about the way I keep myself organized and prepared to do schedule all my blog posts during the weekends.

SO let’s get started!

I’ve always found it a lot easier to express my thoughts and ideas on paper than out loud. When I started my one and only fanfic I wrote the whole thing down on a notebook before typing and sharing on the internet. And back when I was doing my video reviews, I got into the habit of writing down my thoughts before filming. And all of this became into sort of an obsession with having absolutely everything written down.


This is my pile of organization notebooks. Each one has it’s own special purpose and I use each one for something different. So I’m going to go through them and explain what kind of ways I use them.


The first is the smallest. The white one with the blue sort of rail stripes is the notebook I use for tags, awards and the memes I participate in each week. It’s divided into three sections so one is for Tags and Awards, the second is for Top 5 Wednesday (and Waiting on Wednesday when its needed) and the last one is for Book Traveling Thursdays (and Throwback Thursdays sometimes). Each page has the basics for the post which I’ll be writing. In tags and awards, I usually just answer the questions and for the memes, I’ll jot down which books I have for each category so then I can elaborate on the post later on.


IMG_0277      IMG_0278








Next I have my miscellaneous notebook, which used to be the one I used for Top 5 Wednesday and now it has a couple of different things. It has my tally of my challenges for the year, my topics for this particular feature as well as my weekly schedule.





Then I have my most special notebook I think. It’s full of my TBR lists for the entire year. I have that much of an OCD problem. I have picked a theme for every month of this year (and the next) and then on each page I have the list of the books I want to read that go with the month’s theme. Obviously things change, sometimes I read books before or I don’t have an interest in them anymore. And also throughout the year, I add books for review and any readathons or buddy reads I’m a part of as well as my TBR books for that month. I just find it so much easier to see the TBR books written down so I can remember what unfinished series I have, which I am dying to start and which books I just need in my life.


We’re almost done I promise! Now I have two different notebooks that both have the same purpose. There are the ones I used to write my reviews.

IMG_0291 IMG_0294

The first one is the one I did for 2015 which has a review for every book I read for every month of the year. At the time I started it I wasn’t going to write a review for every single book but I decided that I wanted to so at the end there’s a section for ‘Extra Reviews’ the ones I skipped during the year and went back to during the last few months.

IMG_0295 IMG_0296

The second one is following in the firsts’ foot steps and I’ve done very well with keeping up with my reviews this year. Last year, I would get behind a lot and sometimes have to do three reviews back to back before finishing another book. But I’ve gotten into the habit of writing my reviews as soon as or the day after I finish a new book and it’s been going very well. The written format is the same as the one in my reviews but a little shorter, more with initial thoughts on the book so when I am typing the review for the blog I am able to elaborate more.


And now last, but not least, is my discussion notebook. Pretty self-explanatory, this is the notebook I use to write down my ideas for my discussion posts. I try to think of all the points I want to touch on the discussion and write them down but either way, it always ends up being bigger than I wanted it to be.

IMG_0298 IMG_0299

This is the newest notebook and the one that has been least developed because I’m still super apprehensive about discussions and what to really talk about. Yet I’m hopeful that things will get easier for me on that front soon.




So that’s it for this post! I am so sorry that it’s so long and drawn out, that was definitely not my intention. I blame the pictures. Let me know if you guys have any specific ways to keep yourself organized for blogging or any other life things. I know that I have a slight problem, this is a lot of notebooks and I have an obsession with being organized in everything in my life. Don’t judge me haha. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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17 thoughts on “Sara 101: How I Organize Myself (And My Blog)

  1. Oh my god, Sara. I am AMAZED at how organised you are with notebooks and stuff. I try to be organised with Google Drives and folders and such, but to do it by hand! And to do it with several different notebooks! How do you find the time?! 😛

    (I kind of get it, though. I freakin’ love notebooks.)

    It’s super great that you’ve been getting into the habit of writing reviews soon after finishing them. I think for me I usually leave it for about at least a week or so, because most of the time I can’t be bothered/am too lazy/am busy. It works for me, but it just means that my reviews appear like about 2-3 weeks after I actually finish reading the book. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha thanks so much friend! So humbling. I also use some google drive sheets and things like that as well as an online calendar for when I want to share my posts but but it’s much easier for me to write things down for me, even if it’s a little obsessive haha. I just find myself getting months behind on reviews if I don’t do it right after I finish or the day after. I end up forgetting things and then have to go look at other reviews to refresh my memory. I’ve been doing good so far this year and I’m not behind on anything. But I always post the review the month after I read it


      • What online calendar do you use? I currently use a spreadsheet because I love spreadsheets, but it does require some manual work, and a calendar I assume will actually be more efficient and I am all for efficiency. 🙂

        That’s a good point, haha. I do tend to forget and have to look at other reviews as well to sometimes figure out what to say!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oops, sent too soon haha. It’s really cool it lets you make different kind of notes for each day of the entire year and it has the option of sending email reminders the day of. I don’t use that feature since I schedule all my posts but it helps me to keep on track with my weekly schedule. I just find it easier to write down my thoughts quickly while I’m still on the emotion the book evoked in me. Though sometimes I look back and want to change my rating because I let my feelings override the actual content


      • I tried scheduling my posts but WordPress sometimes screws it up and doesn’t publish my posts when I tell it to, so I stick to publishing them when I’m online. Have you encountered this problem before? :O

        Yeees, I found that my reviews tend to flow a lot more when I’m still feeling the emotional high, haha. I have that problem too though, i.e. when I look back, some books are just not that good because I’m not feeling it anymore.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have not. I mean sometimes it’ll publish it ten minutes after the time I said but not more than that. That’s strange 😕
        That happened to me with ACOTAR. But while I usually leave it as is anyway, unless I reread it, for that book I changed it right away. Luckily I hadn’t posted my review yet so I could adjust that too haha


  2. I loved reading this because I love to know how other people organize. I’m pretty new with organizing things so for now I have a small planner where I have personal stuff/blog stuff (like in this day I post this) and school stuff. I’m learning how to use this planner, or I should say I’m trying to get used to it. I have some lists in other notebook but it isn’t as organized as yours.
    I use a lot Goodreads and I write kind of review for every book I read there. I have been wanting to do a list of books to read, series to finish and series I want to start that hopefully I write them soon!
    Thanks for sharing all these!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is such an awesome idea for a blog feature! Your notebooks look great! I write down a lot of stuff in notebooks too. It’s a really good way to keep track of all the posts and I usually make a blog schedule at the beginning of every month so I know what I’m going to post every week. And I’m also a writer so there have to be about twenty notebooks around the house, filled with ideas for my stories.

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