Weekly Obsessions #2

WO #2

Hello everyone!

I am back today to talk about some of my current obsessions. I swore I was going to share this feature twice a month but other features start taking over and I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep it at once a month for now. Unless I really have something that I NEED to obsess about and share with all you lovely people, expect to see this the first Sunday of every month.

SO let’s get started!

Book Obsession

Ten Thousand Skies Above You Cover

I read the first book of this series with my Monthly Book Club friends and Abby and I enjoyed it so much that we couldn’t help but get started on the second one almost right away. I’ve barely cracked it open (metaphorically cause it’s on my Kindle) and already it started off with a bang. I’m really excited to see how it’s going to play out.

Cover Obsession

Labyrinth Lost Cover

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! ISN’T IT GORGEOUS?! This is the first book in a new Young Adult series about witches by Zoraida Cordova. I first fell in love with Zoraida’s writing with her On the Verge and I now want to read absolutely everything from her. I feel like she always represents the Latin community very well in her books and I can’t wait to see what this book has to share.

Blog Obsession

She Latitude

I’ve recently spent more time chatting with Reg from She Latitude and she’s so lovely! I absolutely love the style of her blog and she actually inspired me to create one of my features. She does amazing Book Looks and her reviews are so well written. So check her out!

Music Obsession

Jojo has been one of my all time favorite singers since her first single came out, Leave (Get Out). Her sophomore album the High Road is one of my all time favorites and I was seriously missing some of her music. This song is from her newest EP titled III. and it is so good you guys! All three songs are amazing and show the raw talent this woman has. More people need to be listening to her.

Tv Show Obsession


DON’T JUDGE ME. Now I mentioned this is the Lovely Blogger/Book Fangirling Award post. My guilty pleasure is the Shore franchise. Every single adaptation of Jersey Shore I’ve watched at least once. I am currently binge watching the first season of the Mexican version, Acapulco Shore. And it’s hilarious and everything I want in a show right now so yeah.

So that’s it for my weekly obsessions! What are you currently obsessed with right now? Let me know in the comment section what you think of my obsessions this week. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions #2

  1. Ahh thank you so much for the mention – I’m very honoured and super glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying my posts and book looks, that’s just great. šŸ™‚

    And I also love that cover – I feel like I’ve been seeing it around, maybe on Netgalley? It looks so intriguing and mysterious; hopefully the book itself is also like that.

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