Potter Challenge: Whatchu Know About Wands?

Potter Challenge Whatchu Know About Wands

Hello everyone!

I am here today to share another very special post!

My friend Aldii @ PerfectioninBooks joined me in accomplishing my Potter Challenge this year and last month we read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, book two of the series. We are having so much fun buddy reading as well as sharing our thoughts with you guys.

In this post, I’ll be sharing a mini review with my thoughts on the book, the wand that I got and the kinds of charms and spells I would love to learn and my thoughts on the movie adaptations that we’ve watched!

SO let’s get started!


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Cover

4.5 Stars


Plot – 4 out of 5 stars

Writing Style – 4 out of 5 stars

Characters – 4 out of 5 stars


I definitely enjoyed this book a lot more than the first one. The plot was entertaining but still had some of the slower bits that frustrated me. It feels like it takes a long time to get to the meat of the plot which is annoying because obviously I already know what that is. However, the action started a lot earlier in the book as I was a lot more entertained and intrigued with the plot. There was a faster pace and it didn’t take as long for everything to develop within the story as it did in the first book. Again, it was really exciting for me to see the contrast between the books and the movies and how things differ within adaptations. I’m getting more into the series but not completely obsessed yet. Harry is growing on me, little by little. I love his determination and devotion to doing good things and I feel like we’re getting to see more of his complexity with his flaws and vulnerability. Ron is a cutie with a temper though. I didn’t realize how enraged he could get because he doesn’t have that portrayal in the movie and I found that super interesting. Hermoine is also getting to me a bit, I must admit. She’s letting her guard down more and is also showing some sadness and vulnerability which is what I needed in the first book. I am so pumped to continue reading and finally fall more and more in love with this series.


Like I said last time, Aldii and I wanted to slowly get deeper in to the fandom by trying out some of the Pottermore quizzes. For our first post we shared out Hogwarts houses and this time we are going to talk about what wand we got! I don’t really know a lot about wands and what they mean and how they choose you and so on. BUT I still was super excited because it’s kind of like my next step into becoming an actual wizard.

Are you ready?

Are you really?

Ok, if you’re sure.

My wand is…..

*drum roll*

Cypress wood, Unicorn hair core, 10″ in length, Slightly Yielding flexibility


So I have no idea what any of that means so here is a little bit of info on every part of the wand:


Cypress wands are associated with nobility. The great medieval wandmaker, Geraint Ollivander, wrote that he was always honoured to match a cypress wand, for he knew he was meeting a witch or wizard who would die a heroic death. Fortunately, in these less blood-thirsty times, the possessors of cypress wands are rarely called upon to lay down their lives, though doubtless many of them would do so if required. Wands of cypress find their soul mates among the brave, the bold and the self-sacrificing: those who are unafraid to confront the shadows in their own and others’ natures.


Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. Wands with unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are the most faithful of all wands, and usually remain strongly attached to their first owner, irrespective of whether he or she was an accomplished witch or wizard. Minor disadvantages of unicorn hair are that they do not make the most powerful wands (although the wand wood may compensate) and that they are prone to melancholy if seriously mishandled, meaning that the hair may ‘die’ and need replacing.

Slightly Yielding flexibility

The following notes on wand flexibility are taken from notes on the subject by Mr Garrick Ollivander, wandmaker:

Wand flexibility or rigidity denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change possessed by the wand-and-owner pair – although, again, this factor ought not to be considered separately from the wand wood, core and length, nor of the owner’s life experience and style of magic, all of which will combine to make the wand in question unique.

So it feels kind of cool to have a wand now, if only they sold customized wands in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so if I ever visit, I could get my own wand. I like the part about brave, bold and self-sacrificing. I consider myself the type of person that does everything they can for the ones they love, sometimes even at my own expense so I feel like this wand understands me.


Now that I have a wand, I obviously want to learn some spells. Since I haven’t had the chance to go to Hogwarts yet, I decided to look up a list of charms and spells that are described and talked about in the books and choose my top 5 that I would love to learn. Here we go!

  • Alohomora: Charm, Opens locked objects

This would be awesome! Open anything that is locked? Um, heck yeah! You never know when you’re going to need to be a detective and starts looking for documents in a locked safe. This could help me out!

  • Confundus: Charm, Used to confuse opponent

So if I’m being a detective and I get caught, well I can just throw this at em and everything is cool! I definitely need to learn this one. You know, for protection purposes!

  • Episkey: Spell, Heals minor injuries

On a little more serious note, I am superrr clumsy. Like a whole lot, I’m always bumping against things and getting cuts and bruises everywhere. And let me tell you that is not attractive when you’re wearing a skirt. So I would love to learn this spell so I can make those pesky marks go away.

  • Expecto Patronum: Charm, Creates a Patronus

Um, do I really need to explain this one? Who doesn’t want to have their own Patronus honestly? Speaking of that, if you know an official quiz you can take to figure out your Patronus, let me know in the comments! I did one on Facebook a long time ago but I don’t think that’s accurate.

  • Protego Horribilis: Spell, Protects one from Dark Magic

This one is also kind of self-explanatory because if I’m in the Harry Potter universe, I need some way to try to protect myself, no? There’s a lot more people doing dark magic than you think!

So that’s it for this post! TALK TO ME ABOUT HARRY POTTER! Have you taken the wand quiz? If so, what did you get and what spells/charms would you love to learn? Keep an eye out for these Challenge Updates cause we’re doing one for every book. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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10 thoughts on “Potter Challenge: Whatchu Know About Wands?

  1. This is soooo cool! ❤ I have a hazel wood wand made up of dragon heart string (sounds real fancy too, but I was quite concerned reading this "the dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts" hahahaha) XD Love your mini review though, and the overall post is just simply awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve taken the wand quiz and I got Unicorn hair as well! I love the extra information on Pottermore about wands, I hope it all gets published into a book one day 🙂
    The spell I would want to learn most is Lumos because hello, so handy – as well as how to Apparate (safely!) or a Portus charm, just because I’ve always wanted to be able to instantly transport 🙂 Most of all, I want to learn the extending charm like Hermione’s purse in the last book because imagine all the stuff and books we could carry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome! I must confess that I only know what Lumos is haha but I’m sure that I’ll figure out the other spells as I keep reading. All the information on the wands is amazing and id love to know more about how a wand chooses a person too


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