Weekly Obsessions #3

WO #3

Hello everyone!

I have decided to change this feature to monthly obsessions because it turns out that I only share this once a month. I wanted to share it twice a week but I’ve made a different schedule for my monthly posts so I’m going to be adding this change soon. However, that’s totally not the point of this and now I’m going to talk about my obsessions!

SO let’s get started!

Book Obsession

And I Darken Cover

I just started this book and it’s kind of freaking me out to be honest. It’s really dark and gritty and intense and the main character is damn scary ya’ll. I’m really interested to see more of this book and how the plot will develop.

Cover Obsession

The Hammer of Thor Cover

Is it just me or are all the Rick Riordan covers just stunning?! I’m still not over the Hidden Oracle and now they give me this!! Isn’t it beautiful? There are so many gorgeous combinations of colors and details. (P.S. Am I the only one who thinks of Chris Hemsworth when you read the title?)

Blog Obsession

My Tiny Obsessions

I think Cristina was one of the first people that I started following when I made my blog. I’ve gotten to know her a lot more recently and it’s been so great! We have a lot of the similar tastes in books and I’ve buddy read a book with her and plan to do another one soon. She’s a really sweet person and you should all be following her if you aren’t already!

Music Obsession

I usually try to keep the music in English because that’s the language most of the people that follow me speak in but you guyssss, I’m obsessed with this song. It actually came out in 2015 but I only just found it because I’m stupid. It’s by one of my favorite duos ever as well as some special guests and has all the makings of a great reggeaton song.

TV Show Obsession


I FINALLY CAUGHT UP! For the longest time, my mom and I have been behind this series because our president decided to make every single tv show translated into Spanish. If you don’t speak two languages, you don’t know what torture it is to know that the voice coming out of that actor/actress is fake! So my mom and I took to watching it only and we’re caught up with all the episodes released. I’M LOVING IT SO FAR, for forever and always this series is my fave.

So that’s it for my weekly obsessions! What are you currently obsessed with right now? Let me know in the comment section what you think of my obsessions this week. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions #3

  1. And I Darken is so pretty! I haven’t seen it around the blogging community before but I’m tempted to check it out. I can’t take dark and gritty and intense on film but I definitely love it in books.

    I’m currently binge-watching Modern Family! I’ve started The Mindy Project but am not liking it as much, and I’m kind of curious about Mom – that TV series with Anna Faris? I’m definitely more a sitcom/comedy more of a person though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hate all the dubbed TV shows as well! Some I could live with, like the ones I grew up with and didn’t know that it actually wasn’t their voice hahaha but others – just nope! I watch everything in English now.
    I love that OUAT is taking on some Greek mythology now too. Weird mix, but I dig it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh Once Upon a Time sounds really good! I hadn’t even heard of it before :O I needed something else to watch in between The Originals and Game of Thrones, thanks! 😀

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