Freadom Speaks About Marathon Reading

Freadom Speaks about Marathon Reading

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my discussion feature, Freadom Speaks!

This is a topic that I have talked about before. I made a video about this when I still had my Booktube channel because it’s something that I do constantly, even to this day. I want to talk about what this term means, why I decided to read this way and the pros and cons of it.

SO let’s get started!

I’ve talked about the two years I spent not reading a few times, and one of the things I started doing once I got my Kindle, was marathon reading series that I’d missed which were published during those years of hibernation.

Marathon reading is a term used to describe when you read books from a particular series back to back. Some people do this every once in a while, specially if its a series they know they’ll enjoy or one they’re highly anticipating. But I consider it my preferred form of reading. Whether you’ve noticed or not, I tend to make it a goal on my monthly TBRs to include whole series and to try to finish at least some of them that month. Most of the time I do pretty well and I’ve managed to knock off a lot of series from my overall TBR since I started reading that way. Which is one of the reasons I started it.

So many different popular series came out during that reading hiatus and I wanted to experience those. Shatter Me, Legend, Throne of Glass, The Lunar Chronicles and more were all part of those and while some of these I haven’t finished, I started them with this marathon reading goal in mind.

I also feel like it’s a faster way to read books. Obviously, not every wants to read books fast, but I’m a fast reader naturally. When I was younger, I would buy two books and finish them both in two days. Then would have to wait until I could get new ones the next month only to have that happen again. So when I got my Kindle and started buying those ebooks, it made it easier to get entire series at once. And now that I have them, I want to devour them. And reading the whole thing at once also keeps me from back logging them, like I’ve done with the majority of series I started when I was a teenager. Who knows when I’ll get around to rereading and completing those? If I marathon read the series all at once, not only do I get the entire amazing reading experience but I keep books off my TBR for too long.

And it also eliminates one of the greatest bookworm struggles ever: waiting for the next release in the series. I’m sure we have all felt it, the agony of having to wait a year, sometimes more for that next book. I’m currently in pain over the wait for A Conjuring of Light specially after that A Gathering of Shadows ending. Every time I think about it, I want to cry and I inhale every single V.E. Schwab tweet just to see if she shares another teaser. With marathon reading, I just wait until all the books are out and that way I can make sure any potential feels are at least slightly prepared and protected from pain and agony. Or at least I’ll have a bit of cushion for it since I’ll continue the series right away.

Those are my reasons as well as what I think are the pros of this reading method.

However, there are always some cons.

First, you get seriously behind on the hype. Right now I’m reading the Raven Cycle quartet and while I’m enjoying it, it’s not as exciting when you’re reading by yourself. The hype and excitement for the Raven King was so fun to watch, to see so many people sharing in their feels and the ending of what appears  to be a great series. And it kind of sucked not being a part of it. Not enough to push me to get reading earlier, but still sometimes it’s fun to be reading the same book as your fellow bloggers and having a lot of people to talk about it with.

And then you have the spoiler problem. When you’re part of the unlucky few that decides not to read a highly anticipated book as soon as it comes out, it’s very easy to get spoiled for it. I’ve been avoiding Tumblr since the release of A Court of Mist and Fury and the Rose and the Dagger. I don’t want to be irrevocably spoiled for either book so I haven’t seen any fan art of ADSOM for a really long time.

But in the end, it’s been my personal choice for awhile and I’m quite happy with the progress this has made in my reading life and with the books I’ve read. I might not continue this forever, and probably will also change my monthly themes at some point too. But right now, I’m enjoying it.

So that’s it for this discussion! Let me know if you’ve ever tried marathon reading and how it was for you. Share  your thoughts on my reading method and if you would ever consider it. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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6 thoughts on “Freadom Speaks About Marathon Reading

  1. I missed most of The Raven Cycle hype. I read them all soon after the release of The Raven King, so I got to be a little more part of it, but I wished I had read the books sooner to experience the whole thing better! I didn’t really mind though, because having all four books at my disposal was fantastic. I wasn’t scared of cliffhangers 😛

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  2. I’m similar to you, I usually try just to marathon the series but you definitely get behind on the hyped books. I too am only just on The Raven Cycle Series but I haven’t even moved on to the next one now I’ve finished. Also the spoiler thing sucks, I have to be very careful fighting my way through Twitter and other blog posts so I don’t see spoilers for new releases, I still haven’t read Lady Midnight and boy is that everywhere!

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