Sara 101: My Favorite Venezuelan Foods

Sara 101 My Favorite Venezuelan Foods

Hello everyone!

I am back today with my personal feature, Sara 101, where I talk about me and myself and I and anything and everything that I could want to share about my personal life.

This month is my birthday month (it’s actually in two days) and I wanted to take the opportunity to kind of talk about my life and my culture and me a bit more but in a much more fun way. So I wanted to talk about my favorite Venezuelan foods!

SO let’s get started!

I have quite a few dishes to talk about because I’m actually a huge fan of food. I’m really sorry if this post is really long but I really want to share my favorite foods from my country. So I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet and only give brief descriptions about each dish. Alright? Let’s do it! These will be from least favorite to like favorites ever but they’re all super yummy!

Guasacaca And Yuca With Barbecue

Guasacaca and Yuca with Barbecue

I’m pretty sure everyone in the world barbecues but we have our own little way of barbecuing. Usually we have meat, chicken, hot dogs, and something called morzilla which I don’t like but it’s very common. My favorite part about our barbecues are actually the sides. Guasacaca is the green sauce you see in the picture which is sort of like our version of guacamole but it’s a lot smoother and it goes great with Yuca, apparently also known as cassava or manioc, which is really hard to explain. It’s kind of like a drier potato and I can’t eat it any other way than with guasacaca.

pan De Jamon

Pan de Jamon

Pan de Jamon is usually a side dish we serve around Christmas. It’s not usually made around any other time of the year unless you do it yourself. It’s bread made with ham, raisins and green olives inside. I don’t really know how it’s made but my best friend makes it so well! It’s really good and goes well with our other Christmas dishes.




I put these two together because I wanted to talk about both of them and they’re pretty similar. Tostones are double fried plantains with salt on top. They seem really simple but they’re so good! And my mom makes the best ones I swear! Patacones are those same double  fried plantains but you add something on top. I usually I add a tomato, lettuce and onion salad with salsa rosada which is ketchup and mayo mixed together and then Parmesan cheese on top. YUM!

Pabellon Con Tajadas

Pabellon con Tajadas

This is a really traditional kind of dish. It’s something that we pretty much eat all the time, maybe not as much now because of our food shortages but still! Pabellon is made up of various things: shredded beef, rice, black beans (I put sugar on mine, don’t knock it til you try it!) and tajadas which is fried plantain too but in slices. It’s so good!


Torta De Platano

Torta de Platano

Can you tell we like plantains? hahaha. This is kind of like a cake made with plantains. Everyone does it differently. My favorite is the way my mom does it because it’s awesome. You layer fried plantains, shredded cheese and cinnamon together and then bake it a bit and it’s just so yummy! Ya’ll should try it!



Yay for another traditional Christmas food! You might have seen this in my Venezuelan Christmas post but I wanted to talk a bit more about it. This is kind of like a tamale made with corn dough and it’s usually filled with a mix of different meats (beef, chicken and pork) as well as pepper, raisins, green olives and onions. Depending on where you are in the country, it’s filled with different things but I love the way my stepmom makes it.



This is the most commonly known of our foods. There have been various restaurants of arepas that have popped up all over the United States (go to Florida you’ll find one) and there’s a chef currently competing in Master Chef who made arepas for Gordon Ramsey. This is kind of like a sandwich except it’s round and made of dough. You can fill it with about anything you want, I like mine with butter, cream cheese and white shredded cheese. But also a mix called Reina Pepiada, which is avocado, shredded chicken and mayo.



It’s about time I talked about some desserts right? Because I have a huge sweet tooth! And the desserts we have ya’ll are amazing! I have no idea how to explain this one though. It’s very similar to a flan and it’s named quesillo because the holes make it look like swiss cheese. It’s made with eggs, condensed milk, sugar, milk, vanilla and some rum. It’s usually made for a birthday and paired with a cake and jello to make the sweet trifecta of birthdays!



Yay for chocolate! This is my favorite dessert to get at the bakery, no matter which one I go to. It’s dough balls filled with like a chocolate cream and dipped in melted chocolate which freezes and then they combine the dough balls together and put cream on top. It’s so delicious and I want that kind of cake for my birthday!



Ya’ll have probably heard of  this before huh? This is kind of like a Latin American staple and it shows up in a lot of different countries. It’s one of my favorite kinds of foods. Again this is made out of dough and filled and then fried. Like Arepas, these can be filled with anything from cheese to beef to fish and everything in between. I like mine with white cheese and then while I eat, I dip it in cream cheese. So good!



Do not confuse these will mozzarella sticks because they are not the same! They’re similar but not the same! These are so much better and if you ever have the chance to try this out, I suggest you do. I don’t have them enough because they’re kind of expensive and then it’s really hard to find cooking oil so yeah. I need them in my life again.



These are the best things ever!!!! If I could marry cachapas, I would because they are just so delicious! They’re round cake things made of corn filled with cheese and they’re just amazing. Everyone needs to try them and eat them and worship them and have them all the time! Now I’m hungry.




I’m down to the top two! I absolutely love lasagna, it’s one of my favorite foods of all time and kind of like the rest of the world, Venezuela has it’s own way of making it. My aunt makes the best pasticho of all time and I always ask for this on my birthday. I actually really want to eat this right now but I can’t. My heart is broken.




Now to the best dish that was ever created in the whole world! Chupe soup! I am not a soup person, so it’s a little crazy for me to have a soup be my favorite Venezuelan food of all time. But it is just so good! It’s a chicken soup that has potatoes, corn and all kinds of veggies in it with a thick broth and  you put cheese squares on top! It’s so delicious and my mom makes the best one, obviously!

So that’s it for this post! I’m sorry that it’s so long, it actually took me forever to put together, but I hope you enjoyed it! I would love to know if you guys tried any of these or if you’re interested in finding more about our foods. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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24 thoughts on “Sara 101: My Favorite Venezuelan Foods

  1. […] I’ve talked about the holiday food before not only last year at Christmas Eve but also on my Sara 101 post about my favorite Venezuelan food. First off, I’m gonna talk about the main course, the dinner. Usually on Christmas Eve you have dinner late, around 9 or 10 pm, same as in New Year’s. We usually have Hallacas, Ensalada de Gallina, a different kind of salad, Pan de Jamon and even sometimes some other kind of meat. If you want a little more description about the kinds of food we have at dinner, check out this post! […]


  2. CHUPE FTW!!!! Omg I love Chupe so much I might cry. Girl, we agree on many things, I can’t eat morcilla for the life of me, and tostones are my weakness. I obviously loved every single dish here. Our food is the best 😭

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YES!!!!!!!

    I’m not Venezuelan, but my entire family on my moms side is Colombian so when I visit this is DEFINITELY what I shoot for. We go every year for a month in the winter, and I am so missing my Tia’s cooking!

    I really enjoy carne asada with chimichurri and salsa rosada (It’s just not the same here). My Tia from Spain taught me how to make empanadas this winter and I swear to god they are some of the BEST ones I’ve ever had. We use beef, aji, red pepper, green onions, carrot, red onion, garlic, and other stuff then we let it marinate overnight. Mmmmmmm. I also got a great recipe for pasta with shrimp. Absolutely delicious.

    I have never heard of a platano pie(cake?) but my mouth is watering just thinking about it. @_@

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    • That’s so cool! Colombian and Venezuelans definitely have similar dishes. Carne asada is always a good choice! Our empanadas are more simple but that sounds super good. Platano cake is amazing!! I’ll rave about it forever


  4. YES, represent! First of all, you made me hungry. Second, I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t tried torta de plátano. I didn’t even know it was a thing, how is that even possible???!! I will of course be trying it out one of these days because I love plantain too and it sounds fantastic.

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