Book Traveling Thursdays Jul. 21st – Everyone Loves Music

BTT Jul 21

Hello everyone!

It’s BTT time! This is a weekly meme created by Danielle at Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia at TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch. You can find all of the information you’ll need to participate on the Goodreads page.

This week’s topic is Everyone loves music. Choose a book where music is a big part of the story. I haven’t read many books that have this topic, though I definitely should because I love music, except for one book so this post was very easy for me.

SO let’s get started!

My choice for this week is This Song Will Change Your Life by Leila Sales. This is a young adult contemporary book surrounding a girl who falls in love with DJing and uses it as a way to deal with her mental health and stress. I quite liked it but I wasn’t as blown away as I hoped I’d be. It is a good coming of age story and I would recommend it to huge fans of contemporary.

Original Cover & My Country Cover

This Song Will Save Your Life Cover

I really like this cover! It represents the story very well and it has a model on it without it being jarring or bothersome to look at. I love how they make the pink letters spell out love. It’s not one of my favorites of all time but it’s a good contender and definitely eye catching.

My Favorite Cover

This Song Will Save Your Life Spanish Cover   This Song Will Save Your Life US Reprint Cover

I quite like that these two covers shows the records and turn tables which I think is much more telling about what the books is about. The first is the Spanish version. I’m not the biggest fan of the yellow color but I like the funky font and the illustration. The second I believe is a reprint edition, I’m guessing US but I can’t be sure. I like the illustration of the turn tables and I really love the title. It looks like strobe lights and it just  reminds me of those DJ festivals.

My Least Favorite Cover

A_PLAYLIST_DA_MINHA_VIDA_capa.pdf   This Song Will Save Your Life Italian Cover

I don’t know why these two just don’t convince me. The first one is the Portuguese (language) cover. I don’t like the background, it doesn’t really make sense with the rest of the images or the story. And not even the purple makes me happy. The second is the Italian cover which made the big mistake of putting a model’s face right in the middle of the cover. Not a fan.

Honorable Mention

This Song Will Save Your Life Danish Cover

This is the Danish cover and while I like it, I just couldn’t have it as a favorite. I love the background and the model is interesting. It bothers me a bit that she’s there but you can’t make out her features too much so I don’t know.

So that’s it for my choices! Let me know what you think of the covers and if you agree with my favorites. Thanks for reading. See you on my next post!

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