T5W Aug. 10th – Authors You Are Waiting on Another Book From

T5W Aug 10

Hello everyone!

Time for another Top 5 Wednesday. Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey from gingerreadslainey and is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and if you would like to join, here is the link for the Goodreads group with all the information.

This week’s topis is Authors You’re Waiting on Another Book From meaning the authors whom you’ve loved books from but  who haven’t written another book or published another book in a long time. I have quite a list of female authors (no surprise) who I need more books from!

SO let’s get started!

#5: Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the French Kiss Cover

Stephanie Perkins hasn’t written a book in awhile. The things she’s published are the edited story collections but nothing that is just her own. There’s a supposed book set up for 2017 and I can’t wait to see what it will be!

#4: Jennifer Donnelly

Sea Spell Cover

Yes, this kind of doesn’t count because she published this book this year BUT I want more you guys! I have loved all the books I’ve read from her, though some more than others, and I just want to see what kind of book she’ll come up with next.

#3: Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven King Cover

Again, sort of kind of doesn’t count since this book was published this year but I want to read more! I’m currently reading The Raven King and I’m both excited and apprehensive to see this series end. And supposedly she has various books planned for the coming years but there’s nothing concrete just yet, and I need concrete!

#2: Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay Cover

As far as I know this is the last book Suzanne Collins has published and it hurts so much. The Hunger Games trilogy is one of my favorites of all time and I keep waiting and waiting for her to announce something, anything at all about a new book and so far there’s zilch. It’s so disappointing.

#1: Kristin Cashore

bitterblue cover

Same thing with Kristin that I feel with Suzanne. I just want more of her great writing and storytelling! But there has been nothing since the end of the Graceling Realm trilogy. WHY? Why is the world so cruel?

So that’s it for this post! What are some of the authors you have been dying for more books from? I really want to read more of these ladies amazing work! Let me know what  you think of my choices. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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26 thoughts on “T5W Aug. 10th – Authors You Are Waiting on Another Book From

  1. Yeees for Kristin Cashore and Suzanne Collins! I loved their books and really wanted more, and they’re kind of like one-series-wonders, kind of, because that’s the only thing they’ve really published.

    I like Maggie Stiefvater too, but she’s so productive and I feel like I need to catch up before I start wishing that she has written more books. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had a love/hate relationship with Isla hahaha I didn’t particularly liked the story in general, or how the relationship developed, and how the cover had NYC and they were barely even there! But I had a lot n common with Isla as a character which I didn’t like admitting to myself hahaha.
      Me too! I loved the Hunger Games and I feel like they were really well written but I want more of her!
      Stephen Chbosky should’ve been on my list too! But I’m not the bigest fan of John Green, I’ve only read one of his books and I’ve thought about just not trying other ones. I’m not sure yet haha


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