Book Traveling Thursdays Aug. 11th – National Book Lovers Day

BTT Aug 11

Hello everyone!

It’s BTT time! This is a weekly meme created by Danielle at Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia at TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch. You can find all of the information you’ll need to participate on the Goodreads page.

This week’s topic is National Book Lovers Day was two days ago… choose a book you think every book lover should read. I had a lot of choices for this, among them all of my favorite books but I have already shared most of them through this meme. So I decided to pick a book that would appeal to every book lover everywhere.

SO let’s get started!

My choice for this week is Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine. This is a book designed for books lovers because it’s a book about books! Dang, I said books a lot in that sentence. This is a huge mix of different genres like dystopian, science fiction, steampunk and more. It’s so interesting and so fun because it’s all about what would happen to the world if the Great Library of Alexandria still existed. IT’S SO INTRIGUING.

Original Cover & My Country Cover & Favorite Cover

Ink and Bone Cover

I’m not the biggest fan of this cover but it’s not bad either. I like the bottom section the most since it has the bookshelf shots. I love how the colors work together but I don’t like the top part. I don’t really understand how it is. The font is also really cool and interesting.

My Least Favorite Cover

Ink and Bone UK Cover

I don’t know what it is about this UK cover but I don’t like it. The colors just feel so washed out compared to the US cover. I feel like the image is really weird, I mean I’ve read the book and I don’t get the point of it. It’s definitely not what I would’ve chosen for this book.

So that’s it for my choices! Let me know what you think of the covers and if you agree with my favorites. Thanks for reading. See you on my next post!

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6 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays Aug. 11th – National Book Lovers Day

  1. I haven’t see what the UK cover was up against, but I think it’s beautiful. Washed out, yes, but I like the ink drawing of the butterfly. Since I haven’t read it, I can only hope it’s relevant to the story inside.

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