Disney Princess Book Tag

Disney Princess Book Tag

Hello everyone!

I have brought another Disney book tag today for your reading pleasure. Again, I saw Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much do this tag and I just had to share my own thoughts! I’ve always wanted to be a Disney Princess, though I’ve never managed to dress up as one. I did dress as up as Meg from Hercules but she’s not actually considered a Disney Princess. Boo.

SO let’s get started!

Snow White

A Tale of Two Cities Cover

Snow White

What’s your favorite classic?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again but A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite classic of all time. Action packed, with romance and one of the bloodies and most intense revolutions in history. WIN!


The Shadow Hour Cover


What kept you up past your bedtime?

This is the first book that I finished this month and I admit that I stayed up way later than I should’ve to complete that last chapter which was freaking awesome! I’m so sad that now I have to wait a whole year for the conclusion.


Pride and Prejudice Cover


What’s your favorite classic romance?

I had to pick a TBR book for this question because I have not read a classic romance yet. Which I’m guessing is pretty much Jane Austen and that’s it. So I’ll go with Pride and Prejudice for now.


Bad Romeo Cover


Name a book about making sacrifices and fighting for your dreams.

This book isn’t really about dreams and sacrifices, it’s a romance but I feel like the characters work extremely hard to reach their dreams. It’s a reason why they might and a side plot to their story together but I was a fan of it all the same,


Rook Cover


Name a book with a smart, independent female character.

I wanted to pick a book that isn’t that popular, so I chose this one. But I think the main character in this book is not only smart and independent, but also fierce and funny and I love her.


The Scorpio Races Cover


Name a book with a character that challenged the social conventions of his/her world.

Puck is an amazing female character who was the first girl to participate in the Scorpio Races of her island. I really loved her personality and her tenacity and determination. She made me love this book more.


A Gathering of Shadows Cover


Name a book whose ending was a roller coaster of emotions.

I tried to make it through a whole tag without mentioning Victoria but its basically impossible. This book is amazing and those last few chapters were so intense and full of ups and downs! I can’t wait to see what happens in the finale though I’m pretty sure to cry once it’s over.


And I Darken Cover


Name a book with a kickass female character.

Again, I wanted to be a little unconventional so instead of picking Celaena or Yelena, I decided to go with Lada because not only is she kickass, but she’s so far beyond kickass that she’s cruel and unforgiving. It’s amazing and crazy creepy all at the same time!


Luck on the Line Cover


Name a book featuring a hardworking, self-made character.

Lucky is the kind of character that works hard, she has a lot of different jobs and just wants to try and find what she’s best at. I loved her personality and her story.


Confess Cover


A book that features an artist.

I didn’t want to copy Catia’s answer but I haven’t read any other books that have a protagonist whose an artist so Confess it is!


Blue Lily, Lily Blue Cover


Name a book that features a mother-daughter relationship.

Sadly, I haven’t read a lot of books that have healthy mother-daughter relationships, except for the Raven Cycle. I love the relationship Blue has with her mom. They have their ups and downs but she’s present and they love each other.

Anna And Elsa

Smash & Grab Cover

Anna and Elsa

A book with a great relationship between siblings.

Honest to God, this was the hardest answer to come up with because apparently great sibling relationships don’t exist in the books I read. However, this one has an okay relationship between the main character and her brother.

I Tag:

Book Coma Blog

Princessica of Books

Melanie Noell Bernard

So that’s it for this tag! I didn’t realize how long it was until I actually started doing it and this took me forever to finish. Let me know what you think of my choices! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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9 thoughts on “Disney Princess Book Tag

  1. Hee hee! Thank you again for tagging me, Sara. I loved seeing which Disney princesses got which themes. Though, I can’t even think of a book with an artist in it. :p I really need to do some more reading. Haha! No wonder I stopped doing tags a while back. Oh well! Looks like it was fun! And thank you for thinking of me!

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    • Bad Romeo and the sequel are some of my favorite New Adult books! I would definitely recommend it, although be prepared for a lot of angst. OMG, right?! They should totally make Meg a princess! She deserves it, Hercules would be nothing without her.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This tags are so hard sometimes, they really make you think about all the books and characters you’ve ever read! I think the Raven Cycle is a great choice for this. Blue and her mother’s relationship was really sweet and honest.

    Liked by 1 person

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