Q&A Announcement!

Q&A Announcement

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick little post I wanted to do today to share that I’ll be doing a Q&A this coming week! My 1 year blogiversary is coming up on next Thursday and I really wanted to do something to commemorate it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds for a giveaway and I wanted to chat about some of my blogging milestone and I decided to add a Q&A as well, thanks to the advice of my friend Esther @ Chapter Adventures.

I’m really scared that nobody will ask me anything so please, please comment some on this post! I’m pretty much an open book (hee hee) so ask me anything! Bookish, personal and advice questions, I want to answer anything that your head can come up with.

I’m so blessed and thankful not only to have this amazing outlet to talk about books and all kinds of fandom things and to be able to make friends with other bookworms all over the world! Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey and you really hope you help me contribute to my mini party.

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33 thoughts on “Q&A Announcement!

  1. Ok, question time! πŸ™‚
    1) How did you discover and then get started in book blogging/the online book community?
    2) If you could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?
    3) What’s your spirit animal?

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  2. Yayyy! Happy blogiversary early Sara! I’m so glad to be able to know you and your amazing blog! ❀
    And here comes the questions!
    1. Do you play any instrument? (if not, which one would you like to know how to play?)
    2. What's your favorite type of post on your blog?
    3. How are you planning to celebrate your blogiversary in real life? (like, are you having an ice-cream party with your teddy bears, or binge eating oreos.. etc.)
    4. What is the hardest thing when it comes to blogging? And the greatest?
    And because I'm a meanie, I'll ask you this. Sorry Sara… *evil laugh*
    5. What's your top 3 favorite series/books?

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  3. Aww, I’m glad I was of help somehow ❀ Here are some questions, you can pick any you want (or all of them):
    1. Besides blogging, do you write? Do you want to write a book someday?
    2. What would make your ideal book? (Meaning genre, types of characters, favorite tropes, etc.)
    3. Do you have a special talent?
    4. What's one of your favorite songs?

    Can't wait to see your answers and celebrate your blogaversary! πŸ˜€

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  4. Yay blogiversary!! Here are some q’s:

    1. If you could only read and re-read one book for the rest of your life what book would it be?? Why?

    2. Favorite format to read in and why? (Audiobook, kindle, etc)

    3. Number one tip for new bloggers?

    You don’t have to answer them all, but just some I thought up!!

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  5. Yay, happy almost blogiversary, Sara πŸ˜€
    1. What is your favourite summer and why?
    2. Besides reading and blogging, what are your usual pastimes?
    3. What’s your process of writing review? Did you outline or just type everything on your mind in one go?
    4. Any advice for new blogger?

    And that’s all I could think of right now. 😁 Feel free to answer any one or all of them! I know some questions will probably overlapped with other readers.

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  6. OMG BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. If I don’t hold back I will be asking you 20 questions but I am gonna be good and not overwhelm you and ask you, er, these five:

    1. Who was your first crush?
    2. What are your favourite pizza toppings? (If you don’t like pizza, WHY DON’T YOU?)
    3. What does a weekday in your life look like? A weekend?
    4. If I ever travel to your area of the world to visit you, where should we go?
    5. What do you feel most proud of?

    Feel free to cherry-pick and answer one or two (or none) instead of all of five! And let me know if you want more because GIRL I CAN GO ALL NIGHT.

    Also happy almost-blogiversary!!!! I’m suuuuper happy that I got to internet-meet you and know that you have made my blogging experience that much better. ❀

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