My Favorite Characters as Olympians Tag

My Favorite Characters as Olympians Tag

Hello everyone!

I’m pretty sure  you know what this is because today is Tuesday. Fadma @ Word Wonders shared a post a few days ago placing characters in their respective Olympic sports and since I am a sucker for the Olympics and it ended up turning into a little bit of a tag, I decided to share my own thoughts on what characters would do their best to win gold!

SO let’s get started

I decided not to use all the sports in the original but rather the ones that I most like to watch or the ones that jumped out at me with possible characters.


The Hidden Oracle Cover

This is pretty obvious isn’t it? Apollo is the God of Archery and even in this teen hell hole, he’s got his gift of it. He’d definitely kick some series ass in the Olympics.


Ink and Bone Cover

Not a main character but Galin is so freaking strong! She’s the ultimate soldier and I’m pretty sure she could knock out any opponent presented to her.


Wolf by Wolf Cover

I didn’t want to copy Fadma but this choice was spot on. Although Yael races on motorcycles, I think she would still be the fastest rider in any of the cycling style competitions.


The Scorpio Races Cover

I changed the answers for this question and the next one because I realized that they’d be better that way. There is no one more qualified to medal in Equestrian than Puck. She’s a fierce rider and she’s determined, I would love to see her compete in a much more structured way.


Poison Study Cover

I was originally gonna put Yelena on Equestrian, because I have to talk about her in everything I do and because she has an amazing connection with her horse Kiki. But I remember her amazing gymnastics performance in the first book! She’d be amazing in rhythmic gymnastics, I’d love to see with kill it with a hoop.


The Lightning Thief Cover

I could’ve probably picked a Rick Riordan character for every single one of these categories but I figured two was enough. Percy would probably even beat Michael Phelps in every single race there is! That’d be awesome to see.


A Gathering of Shadows Cover

Again Fadma was right on the money with this choice. Lila would be amazing at this sport! And at intimidating anyone who dares look at her the wrong way. She’s be on the news about the Olympics haha.


The Dream Thieves Cover

This may seem like an unconventional choice but Ronan is really tall and he has anger issues. So what better sport than the one where he uses his height to hit a ball as hard as he can toward other people. He might get penalties all the time but he’d still be good!

I Tag:

Regina @ The Bibliothèque

Ari @ The Daydreaming Bookworm

Monique @ That Wild Soul

Esther @ Chapter Adventures

So that’s it for this tag! I wish the Olympics didn’t happen so far apart, it’s so fun to watch. Let me know what your favorite sports have been to see! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post.

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Characters as Olympians Tag

  1. Me at the first glance of this post: Oooh ahhh Sara did this, it must be good. I’m gonna try it too!
    Me while reading the tag: Same. Definitely. Great choice. SAMEEE…
    Me when finished the tag: I’m not sure if I should do this tag anymore. I might as well copying Sara’s answers for everything… 😅
    Haha I’m just kidding. But really, super cool post with amazing book choices. I love reading it so much! And double yes on Yelena being super awesome. I feel like she would be EXCEL at every single thing *a moment of fangirling* (maybe I’m being a bit too biased… 😂) #StillYelenaIsTheBest

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