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Hello everyone!

I’m back today with another tag. My friend Jesse @ Books at Dawn tagged me to do the Pokemon Book Tag back in July. It took me a really long time to do this because I still haven’t started playing Pokemon go. I downloaded, signed up and even have my starter Pokemon but it’s extremely dangerous to play this game in my country. I mean I have two cellphones and I only take the cheap one outside. So I’m hoping to go visit family in the US sometime soon so I can start playing. Anyway, you probably want to know my bookish answers now.

This tag was originally created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight.

SO let’s get started!


Twilight Cover

Twilight was the book that got me started in reading Young Adult fiction. My science teacher in 7th grade read it to us out loud in class while we did busy work and after she finished the first book, my friend picked up the rest of the series. Long story short, she convinced me to read them and not only did that spark my love affair with YA but also with Twilight fanfiction which I still read to this day. No regrets.


A Tale of Two Cities Cover

A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite classic of all time. I’ve said it before and I’m pretty sure I’ll say it forever. I had a really hard time getting into Dickens’ writing when I first had to read his work for school. We started with Great Expectations which was honestly a huge bore and I knew the unit was going to be awful if I had to suffer through more unnecessary and incessant descriptions but then this beauty came into my life and changed my mind forever!


Red Queen Cover

I was interested in Red Queen when it first started getting buzz, but not that much into it since I tend to read a lot of High Fantasy and it’s hard for me to fall in love or be surprised by something new. Then a lot of people started talking about how it has a lot of similarities with other published books, like my favorite trilogy The Hunger Games and it turned me off completely and I decided not to read it.


The Hidden Oracle Cover

To be quite honest, I don’t really pay a lot of attention to tropes. I don’t notice them, I can’t really tell when they’re being used so I don’t really have an idea of what tropes I like and which ones I don’t. But I picked this book because this is the epitome of what a Riordan book looks like. Most of his books have similar themes, tropes, etc. He found his niche and he’s working it. But I still love his books, and I learn a lot from them and I’m still gonna read them.


The Final Empire Cover

I was originally going to talk about the Song of Ice and Fire series for this, but Jesse used it and I’ve mentioned it a few times before so instead I’m gonna talk about the Mistborn series. I don’t know why this intimidates me as much as it does. The books are big but not huge, the series is long but not humongous. And yet, every time I think about starting it, it freaks me out. Maybe it’s because a lot of people love it, I’m not sure but I’m sure I’ll read it at some point.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Cover

I could probably put all the books I’ve recently read in this category because I tend to read late into the night after working all day but I had to talk about the last Harry Potter book for this. That book left me in pieces. I could not stop reading and I swear I stayed up until like 1 in the morning on a work day just to read those last chapters because things were getting hard and I needed to know what was going to happen!


Poison Study Cover

This is not a surprise to anyone. Valek and Yelena are my everything. I love these two to the depths of my being. Why haven’t you read this series yet?! It’s amazing!!


The Long Game Cover

I haven’t read a really fast paced book in a long time. The Long Game is one of those perfect contemporary, political thrillers to me. This whole series is actually. There’s so many twists and  turns and you don’t know who to trust and the characters and their actions leave you scrambling but it’s such a blast to read!


Soulless Cover

The Parasol Protectorate series already has two spin off series and a few novella series are coming my way but I want more! There are so many characters in this series, some  that I haven’t even met yet, that I think it would be amazing to have countless series of this amazing world. And of this author’s writing because she’s freaking hilarious.


Jackaby Cover

When I first started the Jackaby series, I honestly wasn’t expecting very much. I’d heard a lot of mixed things about it, some people I follow really didn’t like it so I didn’t have high hopes for it. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD! Honestly, I was so pleasantly surprised by the first book and as the series goes on, it just keeps getting better and better and better. I can’t wait for the next book!


Throne of Glass Cover

Throne of Glass hasn’t gotten a lot of conversation lately. Not only because of the new release of Empire of Storms but also because of a lot of criticism regarding the lack of diversity in the series. Despite the huge hype and all the controversy, I’m still a fan of this series and I am not ashamed. I may not love it with wild abandon but every time I start reading one of these books I get transported into a whole other world and it’s always a fun ride.



The Hunger Games is one of my favorite series of all time and it’s one of my goals to own a few different editions of it but the most needed, the most important is this one. This is a paperback box set from Australia and I want it so badly! By now this series has gotten so many different covers but this combination of white and colors with the pages to match the changing mockingjay symbols just speak to me on a primal level. I NEED THEM.



Most of my most anticipated debut novels have come out already but the one I’m still impatiently waiting for is Ever The Hunted. Not only is the cover super gorgeous but it’s also a high fantasy novel which is totally my jam. I haven’t heard much recently about it which is weird since I’m sure people have ARCs by now but I can’t wait to read this when it comes out!



Again, no surprises here. I will almost purchase and read any book that this wonderful lady publishes. I hope she continues to publish books forever and ever because she’s an amazing storyteller and her stories always have a way of making me think beyond them and about what she was inspired by. I just love her.



Since reading and falling in love with Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, I’ve been wanting to read more of Benjamin’s work. This is his newest release which is coming out next year. I am absolutely dying to have it in my hands! I read an excerpt awhile ago and the writing is just as great and powerful as Ari&Dante and I’m so excited.

So that’s it for this tag! I’m pretty sure everyone I know has done this tag already. But if you haven’t, feel free to say I tagged you! Thanks again to Jesse for the tag and I hope to fall in love with the Pokemon craze at some point soon. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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14 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Book Tag

  1. I read the Red Queen and wasn’t a fan, so I second your decision to not. And I have The Final Empire too but haven’t started it for the same reason… just a massive, massive book.

    I didn’t know Benjamin Alire Saenz is writing a new book! Is that the Ari & Dante sequel?

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