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Hello everyone!

As you can probably tell from yesterday and today, I am currently working on these posts on a laptop that is not my own so the posts for this week will be have my special headers. At least not until I get my laptop back from the doctor. It’s at a checkup haha.

Anyway, I am here today to share this award that I was nominated for! Emma @ Llady Literary nominated me for the Book Fests Award so thank you so much! I’d actually never seen this award before until I saw it on her blog so I’m really excited to get to the questions and show you guys what it’s all about.


  1. It’s always proper and the right thing to do, when you receive something from someone, you thank them. It’s the same with this award. You can link the blogger who presents the award blog in the post you use to fulfill the requirements of the award.
  2. Answer the award questions that will be listed below.
  3. Write a Fifty Words Story, because it’s fun.
  4. Award five or more bloggers with this Award.
  5. Ask them a question of your making, you’ll like them to answer.
  6. Put up the award image badge on your blog via image widget.

SO let’s get started!

A book you started but never finished…but want to finish. What stopped you from continuing to read it?

A Tale of Two Cities Cover

I don’t DNF books, it’s just not something I think of doing or am comfortable doing right now. But the only instance where I might have “DNFed” a book is when I tried to read A Tale of Two Cities on my Kindle last year. This is my favorite classic of all time but the writing is so dense, that I could not manage to read more than two pages in my Kindle. Gotta save it for when I have a physical copy.

What elements attract you to a book, which makes you need to read it?

I read almost anything and everything that catches my attention so this is a pretty hard question for me. But I know that I love books that are character-driven, and I like to find synopsis that are new, imaginative and creative. The weirder it sounds the more I want to read it haha. And obviously, a beautiful book cover never hurt anybody.

Which books do you prefer, e-copy or hard copy?

I have to say both. I’ve always loved reading physical copies of books but right now and for the last few years, I’ve been reading exclusively on Kindle because I don’t have the resources to get physical books. But honestly, any reading is better than no reading so give me all the options!

What book are you currently reading or going to read next?

Return to the Dark House  The Sun Is Also A Star Cover

Right now I’m currently reading Return to the Dark House for #HalloweenWR. It’s my first book and my progress is not so good but that’s also because the readathon is three weeks long and I’m reading from my regular TBR at the same time. Which brings me to my next read which is The Sun is Also a Star, an ARC I just got from NetGalley which I’m already enjoying.

Is it fair to judge a book by its film?

Um of course not. Do people do that? Movie adaptations are changed so much before going on screen. They’re such seperate mediums that things have to be adjusted from one to the other and while not every book is better than its movie, there’s always something to take from each version.

What book did you badly judge by its cover and ended up loving?

I literally have no answers for this question because this has never happened to me. I have a long list with the opposite accuring though!

Which book character have you felt the most kin with and able to relate with?

Love on the Ledge Cover

I talked about this in my review for this book though I’m pretty sure not many people have read it. I have never felt more represented in a book in my life except for this one. Sky has a very similar personality to my own but her family and the dynamic she has with them is also something that I connect with. Love this book so much.

Is your favourite genre of books the same as your favourite genre of movies?

Definitely not. My favorite book genres are high fantasy and historical fiction (at least the top two) and the majority of the movies that I like tend to be contemporary romances or comedies. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the opposite when the mood strikes but I tend to gravitate more to lighthearted movies.

I decided not to participate in the 50 word story because it’s almost midnight as I write this and I can’t write coherently and creatively on a good day, let alone so late at night. Sorry!

Extra Question for the Nominees: 

Is there a specific genre that you tend to avoid and why?

I Nominate:

Reg @ She Latitude

Mariana @ Book is Glee

Estefani @ Fiction Jungle

Aldii @ Perfection in Books

Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews

So that’s it for this post! Thanks again to Emma for nominating me. I’d love to see everyone else’s answers for these questions and what you might come up with for the story. I fail at that but I’m pretty sure you won’t haha. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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7 thoughts on “The Book Fests Award

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination, Sara ♥ I can’t DNF books either. I’ve come close a few times, but pushed through it haha. I definitely agree with your thoughts on book to movie adaptations. They’re two different mediums so it’s not really fair to judge one based on the other.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me!
    I’ve read The Deal, and I really enjoyed it! I’m excited to continue the series though I still have to read Love on the Ledge, very excited about it tho because you loove it!

    Liked by 1 person

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