Monthly Obsessions #8


Hello everyone!

I am so excited to bring you my monthly obsessions for this month because I have so many things to say! Not only has this month been amazing for cover releases (and it’s been really hard to pick a favorite) but I also started re-watching one of my favorite series of all time in honor of this month and I have something new that I’m currently obsessed with to share with you!

SO let’s get started!

Book Obsession

The Sun Is Also A Star Cover

I am currently completely and totally obsessed with the narrative of this book. I just started it since I got approved for an ARC from NetGalley just a few days ago and guys, it’s just really good! I’m barely a quarter into it but the way this woman writes is magical. And she always has something new and unique that compliments the story and it’s so awesome!

Cover Obsession


ISN’T THIS SO BEAUTIFUL?! Victoria and Epic Reads shared it on Twitter a few days ago and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. There were so many amazing book covers released this month but this one is so close to my heart. From my favorite author and her upcoming series finale and I just love it so hard! I want both books in physical form in my life. And there’s still the UK cover reveal left.

Blog Obsession


If you have not had the pleasure of seeing Lauren’s blog you definitely should! She’s one of the newer bloggers that I started following recently and I am currently taking part of her Halloween Readathon which has been awesome! Lauren has also become a great friend to me and it’s been great getting to know her. Please check out her blog!


I just had a friend come visit me from Panama and she spent the night at my house and we probably spent half an hour talking about how much we love Hailey and her music right now. I love the sound and I love her voice, this song has been on repeat pretty much the whole month and it just keeps getting better and better.

TV Show Obsession


In honor of like Halloween and all things supernatural, I started watching Charmed in the beginning on this month. I’ve always been in love with this series and I’ve been watching it with my mom since I was a little kid (which is not the best idea, trust me). But I realized that I’ve never watched it all the way through and I’m discovering some awesome early episodes that I’m really enjoying! I’m probably going to be watching this for the next few weeks.

MakeUp Obsession


Welcome to this new little section! This probably won’t happen a lot because I’m not the biggest makeup user but I just got this lip gloss and I’m obsessed with it. I’m pretty sure only my fellow Venezuelan bloggers will know this brand, but this is the brand new Valmy lip gloss. It’s a mix between a lip stain and a lip gloss, it lasts super long and the color is really bright. I got this exact color and I want to wear it everyday.

So that’s it for my weekly obsessions! What are you currently obsessed with right now? Let me know in the comment section what you think of my obsessions this month. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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