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Hello everyone!

It’s that time of the week again where I shared one of the many tags I’ve got backlogged (it’s a lot guys). The lovely Catia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much tagged me to do The Amsterdam Book Tag. I’ve never been to Amsterdam (or Europe for that matter) but I’ve heard it’s a really beautiful place. It was really interesting to learn a bit more about the city and what happens there through this tag.

SO let’s get started!

Why Do We Have So Many Cheese Stores in One Street: A Cheesy Read

Swoon Cover

I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t read a lot of chessy books in my opinion (in good or bad ways) except for this one. This takes cheesy to the point of ridiculous and unbelievable. I was really disappointed that I didn’t enjoy this series as much as the first time I read it.

Canal Parade: A Book that Celebrates the LGBTQ+ Community

Ice Massacre Cover

I tend to pick the same books when encountered with these kinds of questions and they’re usually contemporary ones so I’d though I’d switch it up this time. This is a novel about man-eating mermaids and the Massacres a small island creates to try and defeat them which features a lesbian romance. It’s developed a lot more in the second book (this is the first) but this series is so freaking good!

Anne Frank House: A Book that Made You Cry

Thirteen Reasons Why Cover

I always pick this book for these kinds of questions because 1. I snot-sobbed all over it as I read and 2. Because there hasn’t been another book lately that has made me cry or cry as much as this one has. If you have any recs for good books that made you cry, let me know in the comments!

Red White Blue: Recreate the Dutch Flag Using Books

the-bargaining-cover ever-the-hunted-cover our-dark-duet-cover

This is as good as it’s going to get guys, I’m sorry haha. I just used the last books that I’ve shared on my blog that followed the colors and flipped them so they’d load sideways. It’s better than nothing though right?

Museum Square: An Artsy Book

Confess Cover

I had to copy Catia’s answer for this question because I’m pretty sure that this is the only book that I’ve read that includes some form of art. I’d love to read more though, so let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions!

Pigeons, Pigeons Everywhere: An Annoying Character

The Loose Ends List Cover

I could make a whole list of this but I decided to go with Maddie since she’s the most recent character to have annoyed me. I didn’t understand her or her attitude or her thought process. Her whole family is kind of wacky and crazy and sometimes just plain rude but since it’s in her point of view, she annoyed me the most out of everyone.

I Tag:

Abby @ Abby Reads

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

Reg @ She Latitude

So that’s it for this post! I kind of feel like doing some more research into Amsterdam considering that my ancestors were Dutch and I know pretty much nothing about the country or the culture. At least now I know a little bit more. Let me know what you think of my choices! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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23 thoughts on “The Amsterdam Book Tag

  1. Haha this is such a fun tag! I feel like I should do this one, as a Dutchie and all. Also, I love Amsterdam, but if you ever come to the netherlands don’t forget about the rest of the country! You can go anywhere in a matter of hours anyway 😉

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