Throwback Thursday #7


Hello everyone!

I’m trying to keep my promise to myself and make sure that I keep this meme going at least once a month. It’s a way for me to remember books I have loved and hated and to push me to talk about them when I usually wouldn’t bring them up on the blog. So it’s a win, win for me haha.

Throwback Thursday is a weekly meme all over the world in which people share old photos of amazing moments in their lives. So I adjusted it to share a book that I’ve read more than 2 years ago and talk a little bit my thoughts on it.

SO let’s get started!

Today I want to talk about How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern. I read this book between November and December of 2014 and it became one of my favorite books ever. I don’t remember what my theme was exactly but this was one of the first adult contemporary romance books I’d ever read.

How To Fall In Love Cover

A thoughtful, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel from this uniquely talented author

She has just two weeks. Two weeks to teach him how to fall in love – with his own life.

Adam Basil and Christine Rose are thrown together late one night, when Christine is crossing the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin. Adam is there, poised, threatening to jump.

Adam is desperate – but Christine makes a crazy deal with him. His 35th birthday is looming and she bets him that before then she can show him life is worth living .

Despite her determination, Christine knows what a dangerous promise she’s made. Against the ticking of the clock, the two of them embark on wild escapades, grand romantic gestures and some unlikely late-night outings. Slowly, Christine thinks Adam is starting to fall back in love with his life. But is that all that’s happening… ?

A novel to make you laugh, cry and appreciate life, this is Cecelia Ahern at her thoughtful and surprising best.

Honestly, I think the format of this book is what really made me love it. The main character is a huge fan of self-help books so all the chapters start with “How To” do something which becomes relevant as the chapter goes on. I thought the romance was adorable and unexpected. The adults were kind of messed up in some ways but that really just made me feel understood and like even though it may seem so on the outside, your elders don’t really have things figured out either haha.

So that’s it for this post! Let me know what you think of this quirky meme:). Let me know of a really old book that you enjoyed and haven’t talked about in awhile. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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