December ’16 TBR – Shape Shifters Theme


Hello everyone!

One more month added to my urban fantasy and paranormal reads. I was originally going to read books about werewolves since I’m a huge fan of them but I realized that I also have a few books were characters shift into things that are not wolves that I also really want to read so I made it a more inclusive theme. On another note, IT’S FREAKING DECEMBER! How the hell did that happen guys? I’m super happy though since Christmas is my favorite holiday. I’m spending every single day in this month singing Christmas songs #noregrets.

SO let’s get started!

First Order of Business:
Dreadnought and A List of Cages
by April Daniels and Robin Roe

dreadnought-cover  a-list-of-cages-cover

Two ARCs for this month! The first is one I requested because I heard of the book on Twitter. The plot sounds really interesting and unique, since it’s filled with diversity but all about a superhero. I’m really excited to dive into it. The second is a book that I was auto-approved for by Disney Hyperion on NetGalley (colored me surprised). I’d seen it around before but didn’t pay much attention to it, though the plot does sound interesting and I’m looking forward to see what I think.

Goodreads  Goodreads

Read It While It’s Hot Challenge:
Take the Key and Lock Her Up and Ever the Hunted
by Ally Carter and Erin Summerill

take-the-key-and-lock-her-up-cover  ever-the-hunted-cover

These are the two books that are releasing in December that I hope to read this month. The first is the last book in the Embassy Row trilogy by Ally Carter. I read the first book last month and I hope to read both the second and the third this month. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series continues and ends though I was a little disappointed by the first book. The second is a book that I’ve been anticipating since I saw that amazing cover! I’ve heard good things from people who have gotten ARCs and I’m hoping it’s a hit!

Goodreads Goodreads

Continuing Series:
Stars Above, Forest of Ruin, See How They Run, Prudence and Bad Blood

by Marissa Meyer, Kelley Armstrong, Ally Carter, Gail Carriger and Jennifer Lynn Barnes

stars-above-cover  Forest of Ruin Cover  See How They Run Cover

Prudence Cover  bad-blood-cover  blood-promise-cover

 I have a huge problem with unfinished series… I’ve gone overboard…
Stars Above is the last book that I need to read to be able to really finish the Lunar Chronicles. I’ve been enjoying the books so far though I definitely don’t like them as much as other people have. I’m looking forward to seeing how this ends.
I wanted  to finish this trilogy with Forest of Ruin but I just couldn’t manage it last month. Though I want to make sure to finish it before the new year and it’s gonna happen!
Again I mentioned this book above, I’m hoping to read this book and the sequel to finish the Embassy Row trilogy.
I’ve been trying to read Prudence forever!! I really want to read this series because I’m been binging all of Carriger’s work and this is basically the one that I still have to start at least. And I’m doing it this month!
I wasn’t planning on continuing with the Vampire Academy series after last month but I know if I lose the momentum of reading it, I won’t pick up anytime soon. I really want to finish that series and call it completely so one per month until I finish ya’ll.

Goodreads Goodreads Goodreads Goodreads Goodreads Goodreads

The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1, #2, #3 and #4
Shiver, Linger, Forever and Sinner
by Maggie Stiefvater

Shiver Cover  linger-cover  forever-cover


This is one of the oldest unfinished series on my shelf! I started reading it in like 6th grade I believe but I never got to the third book. I’ve been wanting to re-read and finish it for the longest time because I remember really enjoying it, though I’ve heard that this is a lot of people’s least favorite Stiefvater series. I actually also have the fourth book with me in hardcover thanks to an amazing man who gifted it to me and I cannot wait to finally read a physical book again!


Shifters #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6
Stray, Rogue, Pride, Prey, Shift and Alpha
by Rachel Vincent

stray-cover  rogue-cover  pride-cover

prey-cover  shift-cover  alpha-cover

I’ve been eyeing this particular series for a really long time. It’s an adult urban fantasy series about werecats, characters who shape shift into big cats. I’ve heard great things about it from various different people. A few of my favorite booktubers have read it all and highly recommend it. And I’ve also been wanting to read some of this author’s work because I have a lot of her books on my TBR since they all sound great but haven’t started any until now. Wish me luck!


Dust City
by Robert Paul Weston


I try to add at least one standalone in each of my TBRs, though I never really end up reading it most of the time. This is a (kind of old) retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a little dash of dystopia since it’s from the point of view of the Wolf’s son. It sounds like a really interesting perspective and I hope it’s good.


Nightshade #0.5, #1, #2, #2.5, #3 and #3.5
Shadow Days, Nightshade, Wolfsbane, Treachery, Bloodrose and Aftermath
by Andrea Cremer

shadow-days-cover  nightshade-cover  wolfsbane-cover

treachery-cover  bloodrose-cover  aftermath-cover

And last but not least, this is another series that I started when I was younger that I hope to finish. The first book was great (I have the original cover in hardback and it’s much prettier) and from what I remember, I enjoyed it. I really want to see what happens with the rest of the series specially considering that it has two more companions series that go with it.


So that’s it for this post! I’m both excited and a little nervous. I’m going to be re-reading a lot of books that I read when I was younger so I don’t know how I’ll feel about those books now. I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these series and what you think of them. (Yes, this is the same ending from last month). Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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11 thoughts on “December ’16 TBR – Shape Shifters Theme

  1. So many neat books! Your December’s looking awesome already.

    Yeah, it’s weird rereading childhood favorites and not knowing how you’ll respond to them now. I just finished rereading an old Mercedes Lackey favorite (that I haven’t touched in over a decade), and I was fully prepared to hate it. But it held up to my jaded adulthood pretty well! Can’t wait to reread more of her stuff.

    I hope you do get to finish off all those old series books! It’ll feel great to finally get them out of the way, I’m sure. (And my fingers are crossed that you’ll unexpectedly fall in love with each series all over again.)

    Liked by 1 person

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