Book Traveling Thursdays Dec. 22nd – It’s Christmas Time!


Hello everyone!

It’s BTT time! This is a weekly meme created by Danielle at Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia at TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch. You can find all of the information you’ll need to participate on the Goodreads page.

This week’s topic is It’s Christmas Time!! Choose a book that makes you think about Christmas. I have only read one book that has a Christmas theme to it and that’s the one that I’m going to share with you today.

SO let’s get started!

My choice for this week is My True Love Gave to Me Edited by Stephanie Perkins. If you didn’t know, this is a collection of Christmas/Holiday themed short stories that came out a few years ago. I read it in a readalong hosted by a booktuber in 2014 I believe and I really enjoyed the majority of the stories.

Original Cover & My Country Cover

My True Love Gave to Me Cover

This is the US hardcover edition, the edition I have on Kindle and I really love it. It’s so Christmasy and features one of my favorite things to do during Winter time/December which is ice skating. The illustrations are small but detailed and I love how the colors work so well together. It just really translates what the collection is all about and I’m a fan!

My Favorite Cover

My True Love Gave to Me Cover  my-true-love-gave-to-me-us-pb-cover  my-true-love-gave-to-me-uk-hb-cover


I already mentioned that I really like the original US hardcover. The second cover is the US paperback which I think was released just recently. I really like this one as well (though not the bright pink color). I love spheres on Christmas trees, they are kind of my favorite decorations so I really like the new design as well. The third cover is the UK hardcover and at first,  I didn’t really like it but it’s kind of grown on me now. I like the light blue background and the heart shaped Christmas lights. The last one is the Russian cover and honestly, I just really like the blue background and the specific kinds of lights. The illustration is okay though there are different kinds of couples represented within the stories so I don’t think it’s inclusive enough. But compared to some other Russian covers I’ve seen, it’s pretty good.

My Least Favorite Cover

my-true-love-gave-to-me-bulgarian-cover my-true-love-gave-to-me-french-cover my-true-love-gave-to-me-hungarian-cover my-true-love-gave-to-me-polish-cover-1 my-true-love-gave-to-me-polish-cover-2 my-true-love-gave-to-me-uk-pb-cover

SO! I have a lot on this list so I’m gonna write it my thoughts as short as possible haha. The first is the Bulgarian cover and I don’t like it because it looks really dark and not as cute as I think the collection really is. The second is the French cover and I think the colors don’t work well together, they’re all too bright and it’s hard  to read the text on it. The third is the Hungarian cover and I really don’t understand why there’s only one person on the cover. There’s nothing on it that talks about holidays so I don’t think that it represents the collection. The next two are both Polish covers and I feel like the colors are way too strong for me. As for the second in particular, I don’t like the models. Again, there’s more than one kind of couple in the collection so it sends a different kind of message. The last is the UK paperback and the only reason it’s on here it’s because I hate pink haha. I prefer the inverse version above!

So that’s it for my choices! Let me know what you think of the covers and if you agree with my favorites. Thanks for reading. See you on my next post!

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