Book Review – All In by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


All In Cover

All In (The Naturals #3)

Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Publication: November 7th, 2015

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Format: Kindle Edition, 384 pages

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller, Espionage

Read: November 2016

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5 Stars

Three casinos. Three bodies. Three days. After a string of brutal murders in Las Vegas, Cassie Hobbes and the Naturals are called in to investigate. But even with the team’s unique profiling talents, these murders seem baffling: unlike many serial killers, this one uses different methods every time. All of the victims were killed in public, yet the killer does not show up on any tape. And each victim has a string of numbers tattooed on their wrist. Hidden in the numbers is a code—and the closer the Naturals come to unraveling the mystery, the more perilous the case becomes. Meanwhile, Cassie is dealing with an equally dangerous and much more painful mystery. For the first time in years, there’s been a break in her mother’s case. As personal issues and tensions between the team mount, Cassie and the Naturals will be faced with impossible odds—and impossible choices.


Plot – 5 out of 5 stars
This book have got me hooked guys. The plot is entertaining, intense and powerful. It’s full of creepy things and violence and death. Grief, family and friendship are huge themes in this book and I love the way the author worked them in throughout the story. There are a lot of crazy reveals and twists and turns that kept my jaw on the floor and my head spinning, gosh I love these books.

Writing Style – 4 out of 5 stars
The writing for these books just really accentuates the story. It’s really easy to read because of its fast pace and addicting narrative. It’s powerful, intense and emotional. The sentences are short and to the point while still being descriptive and detailed. There are some really creepy and weird parts but that honestly makes the story that much more amazing!

Characters – 4.5 out of 5 stars
This book in particular made me completely and totally fall in love with every single character of the cast. I know I’ve said they’ve been getting to me, but I feel like this book solidified my love for them and their status as a family. Cassie is our narrator as always and I feel like through all the different experiences in these books, while they affect her, they also make her stronger. She’s smart but quiet. She’s really good at what she does and she’s determined to make a difference. However, in this book, she’s torn, haunted and hurt by a lot of different things. It’s a tough situation and things are revealed that shake her foundation. I loved how she continues to grow throughout the series. In this book, there’s a lot of focus on another of the side characters and I love how this particular plot is also centered around the team and their connection to each other. Honestly, this book definitely hit me a lot harder  than I expected it to. It’s so much more emotional than the rest of the ones before it and I had a LOT of freaking FEELS while reading!


This book is definitely my favorite of the series so far, there’s so much going on and so much more new information!

The plot is emotional. We follow Cassie as her and the Naturals team travel to Las Vegas to take part in their first active case. However, this case also becomes extremely personal and the stakes are even higher. While the first book was about Cassie’s introduction to the team and the second was looking more into Dean’s past, this one is also about getting to know more about the entire cast of characters, but focuses mainly on Sloane. We get to know a lot more about  their families and where they come from. Sloane in particular has deep ties in Las Vegas and to see how her past affects her is kind of heartbreaking and tore me up! The revelation of who her family comes from was really surprising but it wasn’t the one that most blew me away. Some of this new information was mind blowing and still some of it is quite hard to wrap my head around. These pieces of information are one thing but the actual case and the murders are a whole other one! This case in particular freaked me the heck out! The details as always were released little by little and I had no idea who it could be or how things were going to develop. Every bit of new information about what was going on, from the murders to the methodology of the killer made my skin crawl and drove me mad! I know that sounds like a bad thing but it makes the story so freaking good! Since this story is all about serial killers and death and profiling, it’s pretty good that the story kind of creeps me out. It’s so intense and powerful and there is no way to predict what happens or who is doing what and specially the ending of this book which completely and totally left me shocked and breathless. It’s the first conclusion that gives hint to what will be coming up in the next book. I also want to mention that the romance element was brought up in the second book and it’s definitely still present in this book, but it’s a lot more subtle which I appreciate because it’s not really what the series is about.

I absolutely love Cassie but it’s getting harder and harder to be part of her head. She has gone through so much, not only in her life but in the past two books as well as this one and sometimes her thought process and her memories can get a little overwhelming. Her Natural gift is so connected to the way she thinks that it’s not easy to picture the things that she picks up on so easily. In this book, she’s haunted and torn specially because of some news that she receives right at the beginning of the book. I felt really bad for her and what she was going through and how she couldn’t really share her thoughts with anyone else because there were so many other things going on at the same time. However, despite all of that, she’s so determined and so smart and all she wants to do is save people’s life. She’s such a team player and she loves her family and the Naturals team so hard. I just love the way she gives her whole self to life.

I wanted to talk about the side characters for a little bit. First things first, Sloane is officially one of my precious cinnamon rolls. She is so precious and sweet and totally socially awkward. She’s probably the one character who feels like the biggest outsider and it was really heart wrenching to see her so out of her depth and unsure of what to do with herself. Yet it was great to see the rest of the cast rallying around her and being there for her when she needed them. I love this group honestly. Again, I love Dean, he’s one of my favorites. Considering how tough a time he had in the previous book, it was refreshing to see him be such a pillar of strength for the entire group and I just fell more in love with him as the book went on. Lila is hard for me to describe. She can quickly and most of the time get on my nerves. She’s really brash and speaks in a very abrupt way. She rubbed me the wrong way a few times in this book but at the same time, she’s winning me over little by little as I get to know more about her life before the program and why she is the way she is. She hasn’t had it easy, none of them have and it’s so great to see how they all found a family within each other that they can trust and feel understood in.

Overall, I love this series. This book set the stakes so much higher and like always, it was full of action, entertainment, intensity and emotion. The case in this book was intense and powerful and I’m really excited to see how this book will connect to the plot line of the next book. This cast of characters is one of my favorites of all time and I love how they’ve come together through the series as a whole.

So that’s it for this post! There’s only one more review for this series so if you’re tired of seeing them, don’t worry, it’s almost done! I really love this series though and I don’t regret making a review for each book. I hope you guys have thought about picking it up and if so, let me know what you think when you do! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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