2017 Reading Challenges


Hello everyone!

I am here today to share my second post about my goals for 2017. This one is about all the reading challenges that I am participating in this year. Last year was the first time that I ever participated in reading challenges and I did well in most of them I think so I’m really excited to do some more in 2017!

This year I’m mostly doing challenges that I’ve created for myself based on the books that I feel like I need to read the most as well as one other challenge hosted by another blogger.

SO let’s get started!

Before I talk about my 2017 reading challenges, I want to quickly talk about the challenges I managed to accomplish in 2016:

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge – Goal: 120 books. Actual: 132 books! Yay for me! I was really excited when I completed this goal and managed to surpass it. I didn’t expect to read as much as I did and I’m really proud of myself.
  • Read It While It’s Hot Challenge – I created this challenge for myself to try and make sure to read the 2016 new releases that I was excited for. I managed to read 43 out of 262 anticipated reads which is about 16% which is not great when you think about it. But when compared to 2015 when I read only 9%, I did much better!
  • Potter Challenge – I did this challenge throughout the year with my friend Aldii @ Perfection in Books. We completed it by reading the entire Harry Potter series and creating some (I think) really cool posts about the Harry Potter world.
  • 2016 Debut Author Challenge – This is a challenge hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. I didn’t do as well in this challenge as I hoped I would. Only managed to read 9 2016 debut books while I wanted to read at least 12.
  • Finishing the Series Challenge – Goal: 5 series. Actual: 21 series! Another yay for me! This is the challenge that I put all my effort and heart into. I really wanted to pull this off because I have wayy too many series that I’ve started but never finished over my years as a reader and that gives me a lot of freaking anxiety. So I’m really happy that I managed to finish so many in 2016.
  • Around the World Challenge 2016 – I am very disappointed to say that I gave up on this challenge like halfway through the year. It was very hard for me to keep up and remember that I had to write down all the places that were mentioned in the books I was reading. It got extra hard when I started reading travel thrillers that took place all over the world and I just couldn’t continue.

Now onto the challenges that I will be attempting to complete in 2017!

2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge


A few people are opting out of this challenge this year or setting really easy goals which is cool but I really like it, I find that it encourages me more than makes me feel pressured so I’m continuing with it this year. However, I’ve made my goal 50 books because I’m not sure what my life will look like this year and I want to be able to accomplish this challenge. I’ve managed to read more than fifty books since I started this challenge so I hope this year is no different.

Read It While It’s Hot Challenge 2017

I loved this challenge I created for myself last year so I’m continuing it this year. I managed to read 43 new releases in 2016 and I hope to reach over 50 in 2017, maybe more. If I can keep myself in check and not add too many anticipated releases I want to try to read 20% of the books that I’m anticipating. Cross your fingers for me!

2017 Debut Author Challenge


This challenge is hosted by Jana @ The Artsy Reader Girl and while I didn’t do as well as I wanted to in it last year, I still want to give it another try this year. I hope to reach at least 12 debut books this year so wish me luck!

2017 Finishing the Series Challenge

This was hosted by Bea @ Bea’s Book Nook last year but I checked her blow and I don’t think she’s hosting it again this year. However, I still want to work on finishing my series so I’m hijacking it for myself. I managed 21 series in 2016 so I’m hoping that I’ll reach at least 30 completed series this year.

Read Like a Grown Up Challenge

I’m now starting on the challenges that I made up for myself. I have a resolution this year that I want to branch out and read from genres apart from Young Adult. I want it to be a slow transition into reading more adult books so for my themes this year, I have one adult book that fits that theme. My goal is to read 12 adult books but if I manage to get more than that it’d be awesome!

Stand with the Loners Challenge

You guys know how much time I put into reading and completing series. So much so that I’ve been neglecting all the awesome standalones on my TBR that I’m interested in reading. So this challenge is set up to help me read some of those standalones. Every month with my theme, I’ll pick a standalone book that goes with that theme. It won’t be the only standalone in that month’s TBR but it’s the one that I’ve picked to read for this challenge.

Catch Up with the Release Challenge

Since my Read It While It’s Hot Challenge has worked so well for me, I decided to create another challenge to help me read those new releases that have come out in the last two years that I didn’t manage to get to the year they released in. This challenge is made up of two books, one from 2015 and another from 2016, that fit my monthly theme and that I hope to read that month. Hopefully this will help me read all those backlogged books that I’ve been dying to read since they came out.

So those are all the challenges I’ve set up for myself this year! I hope that I manage to pull them all off haha. I wish I would’ve done some graphics for the challenges I made up for myself but I just didn’t think that far ahead. If you’d like to do any of the challenges I made, feel free to do so! Just let me know if you are :). Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!



29 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenges

  1. You did so well with your 2016 challenges!! 💪🏻🎉

    Love all the ones you’ve set for 2017 too!! I totally agree with what you said about the GR challenge. I get why people are opting out or setting 1 book, but I find it so much more motivating to have a number that I have to try and reach. Last year I set 20 and ended up reading about 50-60 full length novels so this year I set it at 50 too. I figured I’d just do what I did last year and up it a long the way!

    I really, really need to work on finishing the series I start. I have so many unfinished series it’s insane. I have a huge backlist because I was away from reading for so long so it’s like this crazy balance of trying to manage those and new releases haha.

    Also, for adult books I definitely recommend Night Film and Homegoing!!

    I hope 2017 is even more successful for you ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much friend! I hope were both able to reach our 50 book goal this year.
      You can do my challenge if you think it might help haha I know I managed to finish a lot last year because I kept that resolutions in the forefront of my mind. It might also be good to take off those series that you’re not really interested in. I DNFed three unfinished series last year and while that’s not a lot and it gave me a bit of anxiety, I’m so much more comfortable now knowing I don’t have to suffer through something I don’t enjoy haha
      I’ll definitely check those out! ❤️


  2. I love your organization and dedication so much Sara, I know I always say it, but it’s a really impressive trait you have there. You did AMAZING in 2016 and I know 2017 will be even better. I mean, if anyone can do it, is you! I love the challenges you’ve set for yourself. I failed one of my most important ones last year: to read more books in Spanish and more books from Latin America. I read NONE. I felt so bad 😦 But 2017 is the year to accomplish it. I know it will be 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhh you’re so amazingly organised with all your challenges! I pretty much only do the Goodreads one, but I kind of want to do something else this year. Maybe a ‘Finish the Series’ thing but I’m not sure I actually have that many series I want to finish… I likely have more I haven’t even started, haha. Good luck and I hope 2017 will be an even better reading and blogging month for you. 💗

    Also OMG I love the new look. So pretty! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you friend! You can do one of mine if you want! I’d kind of love that to be honest haha but no pressure!
      Thank you friend! I don’t know if you have any goals for 2017 but if you do, I hope you accomplish then. Yet if you don’t, I hope it’s for the better.
      Thank you! That means so much to me!


      • That’s the idea! But I’ll have to check – I’m really trying to get back into writing and being more active and actually getting more time away from the screen, so reading is the thing that I may have to sacrifice. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • That sounds like a good idea too but I’d hate not having you to chat about books with 😕 however, you do you girl! I need to spend time away from the screen too but it’s harder when all my books are on my iPod!


      • I’m sure you won’t even notice! It’s probably just the frequency of posts that I want to reduce a bit, and maybe less negative reviews (so more DNFing books) and all. There are so many things that go into book blogging. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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