T5W Feb. 8th – Book Trends You’re Tired Of


Hello everyone!

Time for another Top 5 Wednesday. Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey from gingerreadslainey and is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and if you would like to join, here is the link for the Goodreads group with all the information.

This week’s topic is Book Trends You’re Tired Of. I say this every time there’s a topic that takes me awhile to find choices for but this time I’m serious: this was the hardest topic ever! Honestly, up until this very moment I still don’t have all five answers. I’m writing this post to schedule it and I’m gonna wing it with one of my answers, enjoy!

SO let’s get started!

#5: Love Triangles

I’m not a huge hater of love triangles, I think some can be well done and I would love to see the particular trope be flipped with like two girls and one guy or like three guys or three girls, you know except for like the regular two guys fighting over the one girl. That’s my issue, that 1. it happens a lot and 2. no one goes beyond it or plays around with the trend and it just gets really repetitive.

#4: Standalones That End in Cliffhangers

This enrages me to no end! Last year I managed to read not one, not two, but THREE different books marketed as standalones (The Blazing Star, Dead Girls Society and Glitter) that ended in cliffhangers which means that there MAY be more books and it may become a series or it might just stay there and the story will never be finished. It makes me so mad when I go into a book expecting to read just one conclusive story that I can just enjoy in one book and THEN IT DOESN’T. I have very strong feelings about this.

#3: Girl Hate

I really don’t understand why female authors feel the need to pit girls against each other in their books (male authors do this too but I read mostly books by women). While I can’t say that girls being antagonistic to each other never happens (I was bullied by a bunch of girls, so yeah it happens), but not as much as books lead you to believe and with not as many girls as books tell you. Believe it or not, GIRLS ARE FRIENDS WITH EACH OTHER. 90% of my best friends are girls because girls are awesome and we know that and we appreciate that in each other. So show that in books!

#2: Late Cover Changes

My feelings on cover changes depend on what the before and after covers look like a lot of the time, some have been really great and others have been really bad but nothing annoys me more than when publishers change the covers before the last book of a series comes out or in the middle of the series. Don’t lie to us, you don’t really think these new covers are better, you just want to get more money out of us because you know readers like covers to match. I think it’s a really gross marketing ploy and I’d rather have the original covers in one format and then you can re-release like the paperbacks in the new covers. THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER FOR EVERYONE.

#1: People on Covers

This one has a lot to do with the one above. If any of you have seen my BTT posts, then you know that I complain a lot about models on covers. And my problem isn’t actually that they used a model, I don’t there’s anything wrong with using real people instead of illustrations or digital art although those are also really cool. My problem is when publishers pick models that look NOTHING LIKE THE ACTUAL CHARACTER. Not only is it insulting to the author in my opinion but it’s also really misleading for readers because they expect something from the cover that is not actually going to happen. I just hate it, a lot.

So that’s it for this post! Thanks to Fadwa who helped me figure out my third trend I’m tired of, you’re the best ever! Let me know what are some kinds of trends in books that you’re tired of seeing, because I’d love to see what things are considered trends. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!



30 thoughts on “T5W Feb. 8th – Book Trends You’re Tired Of

  1. Oo I can understand all these feelings, love triangles stress me out especially when they don’t really make sense and the second guy is just like thrown in for tension and drama. No, don’t mess with my feelings like this.
    Also models on the covers when they don’t represent the book properly or the character?! WHY.


  2. OH yes, standalones ending in cliffhangers make me SO mad. I keep expecting more and…it never turns into a series, so you’re just left here wondering what happened and what will happen next and you will NEVER KNOW. It makes me crazy haha. I also agree with you about people on book covers, I’m not such a huge fan of this even if I do own some books like that. Everytime I look at the book, my vision of the characters completely change because of this cover ahah, I don’t like it at all haha. Lovely post! 🙂

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  3. YES TO ALL OF THIS! Love triangle used to enrage me so much because Twilight haha but then I read a lot of books with love triangle I didn’t hate. So I’m personally okay with it if it’s necessary and done right, you know, I hate it when the third person is suddenly there just for the sake of love triangle instead of furthering the plot </3 also yes to girl hate! I have a post about it on draft because like you said, girl friendship exists! I probably wouldn't survive 4 years of college without my girls and I would love to see more of it in books 😀 anywayyy I've been following you and seen you around on twitter but we haven't talked and I'm glad that now we do 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah there’s times when it’s completely unnecessary, I think in Twilight was one of those times, it made things so much more dramatic than they needed to be. But there are instances when it can be done well and it doesn’t seem like the author is doing it because it’s the thing to do, but doing it because it’s an integral part of their story.

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  4. Yes to all of the above. I have absolutely no tolerance for love triangles and girl hate. I just don’t get why you have to pit people against each other in any manner. People on covers are also a pain. I like to create my own image of a character and having a book model stare down the camera looking all broody like just spoils the fun.

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    • Girl hate gets on my nerves but I can deal with a love triangle done well, it’s just that there’s not many haha I think people on covers can be improved if the model actually looks like the character is supposed to or it’s an illustration. Those are much better than a stock picture

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  5. PEOPLE ON COVERS. I never liked this trend and I never will. It always ruins my mental image of the characters, especially when they show faces. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

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