Sara 101: Favorite Female Characters

Hello everyone!

I am back today with my personal feature, Sara 101, where I talk about me and myself and I and anything and everything that I could want to share about my personal life.

When I was thinking about what to share in this feature this month, I started thinking about female characters (mostly because of the discussion post from yesterday) and how I say that a lot of female characters are part of my favorites list but I haven’t actually made a list. So I decided what better way to help myself and to share something with you all, than to make a list of my favorite female characters and turn it into a post!

I usually try to rank these kinds of lists as best I can because I like to keep it that way for myself but this one is just too hard. The top 3 are absolutely my absolute favorites but the rest of this list is just from last read to most recent read.

SO let’s get started!

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