Book Traveling Thursdays Jun. 8th – Book You Want to Re-read

Hello everyone!

It’s BTT time! This is a weekly meme created by Danielle at Danielle’s Book Blog and Catia at TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch. You can find all of the information you’ll need to participate on the Goodreads page.

This week’s topic is Choose a book you want to read repeatedly. I am the kind of person who loves to re-read books. I say that I’m going to re-read the grand majority of the books I read on a daily basis. I don’t actually end up re-reading all of them but I do re-read some and so I picked a book that I’m almost 100% sure that I’ll be re-reading this year.

SO let’s get started!

My choice for this week is The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson. I fell completely in love with this series when I read it this year. It has become one of my favorite series of all time because of the most amazing character development and the amazing Latinx/Hispanic culture within the world. I really want to have it in physical copy so I can re-read them again soon.

Original Cover & My Country Cover

For some reason, this cover just doesn’t do it for me. I like that the background represents where the characters travel to in the majority of the book, I always appreciate when covers relate to the story. I’m just not a big fan of the color scheme. I feel like they could’ve created more contrast within the image itself, not just with the font.

My Favorite Cover

I tend to really dislike foreign covers for some reason but I’m so in love with the French editions of this series. I did the first book for a BTT earlier this year and that French cover was also a part of this section. While the model doesn’t represent the main character as accurately as I would like, I love the colors of these covers! The background and the way it shifts into plain color is done really well and I think it all looks very cohesive.

My Least Favorite Cover

This is the UK cover and it honestly pains me greatly to have a purple cover on the least favorite section but I just can’t with this one. It’s the complete opposite of the original cover, meaning it’s completely apart from where the book is actually set. There are very few desert scenes in this book, the characters spend most of the time in the mountains under snow. I just don’t like when covers don’t represent the stories within.

So that’s it for my choices! Let me know what you think of the covers and if you agree with my favorites. Thanks for reading. See you on my next post!



3 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays Jun. 8th – Book You Want to Re-read

  1. I usually don’t like book models on the cover but the colour scheme makes up for it cause my attention is focused on the entire cover and not just the model. I keep forgetting about The Bitter Kingdom but I feel like I should add it to my tbr.

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