Sara 101: My Go-To Apps

Hello everyone!

I am back today with my personal feature, Sara 101, where I talk about me and myself and I and anything and everything that I could want to share about my personal life.

I’m struggling a bit in coming up with more topics for this feature, so I’d really love it if you guys could give me some ideas in the comments! For now though, I thought it’d be kind of interesting to share with you guys the kinds of apps that I tend to use regularly, since it’s not usually something I share.

SO let’s get started!

Kindle for iPhone

This one should be a no brainerΒ for you guys. Ever since I started this blog I’ve talked about how much I use my kindle app. It was pretty much the only way I managed to read books while I lived in Venezuela and while I’m not currently using it as much, I still love to dive into it once in awhile specially since I still have so many unread books there.


I’m pretty sure all bloggers and reviewers have a love hate relationship with Goodreads. We love that we can keep track of our reading and discover new books. But the reviews section is kind of a mess and the reading challenge can be overwhelming. I try not to take it too seriously and to use it as a resource for myself to keep track of what I’ve read and to see what new books are out there.


This app has become my new addiction. I’ve been reading a lot less recently because of this app and of how constantly I’m on it. I find its a great way to keep up with the news in both the real world and the book community and a great way to make friends with people who share their love of books in different platforms.


I am currently using this app to finish this post today while traveling so you can definitely say that I like it haha. Sometimes it can be a pain because it crashes a lot but it’s definitely helpful when I’m on the go and trying to respond to comments. I definitely need to take advantage of it and use it to blog hop more often and I’m going to try to make that happen soon.


I’ve been bookstagramming guys! I’ve mentioned it a few times recently but I’ve started to share bookish photos on my Instagram and it’s been so much fun! I’ve managed to create a theme for myself which I really like so id love it if you all let me know your thoughts on it.


Another app that has contributed to my reading slump haha. I’ve been spending a lot of time watching YouTube videos lately. A lot of reactors, some comedians and a lot of Booktube which is good I guess. My day usually starts with watching some YouTube to wake myself up so if you have any recommendations please let me know!


This is an app that my best friend recommended to me that’s for adulting. It helps you to budget your money and to save it. It’s been really helpful to me in regards to what I buy and don’t so I’d definitely recommend it if you have spending issues haha.

Frozen Free Fall

To finish this off I’m gonna talk about some of my favorite app games. Frozen Free Fall is the game that I play the most. I liked the movie though not as much as other people. The game however is incredibly addicting. Disney has several games that follow similar play but this one is definitely the most entertaining to me.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

And last but not least this is the game that follows one of my favorite movies ever! It has a different play than most Disney games and it’s really hard to advance in but it’s also really fun and entertaining. The characters try their best to help you and it’s really funny how they react to you winning or losing a level. If you’re a fan of the movie, try out the game and let me know what you think.

So that’s it for this post! Something new and different for this feature. I know people that use so many more apps than I do so I’d love to know your favorites. I kind of want to have more games to play on my phone, so recommend some of your favorite apps games. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

7 thoughts on “Sara 101: My Go-To Apps

  1. I use most of these apps too, but I hadn’t heard of Albert! Need to look into that one. I used to play Frozen Free Fall too and my was it addicting. It’s why I deleted it from my phone as I wasn’t getting any work done πŸ˜‚

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  2. I love seeing which apps others use!! I didn’t know Albert and as far as games go, I used to play the silliest one about unicorns, but I recently deleted because it wasn’t fun after the initial run anymore. I can’t remember how it was called. A must app for me is now Wunderlist. I’ve tried many apps on to-do lists and this one is my favorite so far. You can put alarms on tasks, add sub-tasks, etc, and it’s all free.

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    • Albert is amazing for me, helps me keep track of my spending so well. I like unicorns but I tend to stick with just a few games because if not, I’ll be glued to my phone all day haha. That sounds cool! I tend to like to make physical lists, it’s easier for me to keep track of stuff when I can physically touch them but that app still sounds like a great resource


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