May ’18 TBR – New Adult Theme

Hello everyone!

I am back today to share my TBR for the upcoming month. I read a lot more in April than I thought I was going to, I don’t really know how I did it. But I want to keep the momentum going so I picked out a theme that has always been super easy to read for me so hopefully it goes well.

SO let’s get started!

First Order of Business:
The Spy with the Red Balloon and Bruja Born
by Katherine Locke and Zoraida Cordova

 Bruja Born Cover

I’m currently reading the first book in this series which is also an e-ARC. As soon as I’m done with that one, I will be continuing with this one. I’m still pretty early into the first book but it’s interesting so far and I hope to continue to enjoy it. Also, it is finally time to read my first physical ARC ever! I can’t believe I’ve managed to wait this long but I’m so excited!!

Goodreads Goodreads

The Mom Book Club:
Between the Notes
by Sharon Huss Roat

My lovely friend Abby suggested this author’s newest release for our book club read for the month but I own this first one already and have been dying to read it for a long time now so I convinced them to read this with me (mwuahahahaha). I really hope I haven’t hyped it up too much for myself!


Read It While It’s Hot Challenge:
The Burning Maze (The Trials of Apollo #3)
by Rick Riordan

I have been dying for this book since I heard the title! I’m a huge fan of Riordan’s books and this latest series is awesome and fun. Not my favorite by all means but I’m loving how it continues the storyline of the older series. I am gonna get my hands on it ASAP!


Read Like a Grown Up Challenge:

No books for this challenge this month 🙂

Stand with the Loners Challenge:
by Mariana Zapata

I’ve tried reading this book a few times, I’ve had it on my TBR. I am really interested in a standalone with a sports based plot line and a romance. I’ve heard great things about the author so I can’t wait to dive in.


Fadwa’s Picks:
Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha #1)
by Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone Cover

As some of you know Fadwa @ Word Wonders is one of my best friends in the whole world! She and a whole squad of other amazing and kind book loving people started inspiring me to read more diversely in the last few years. However, I am crap at finding the diverse books that I might enjoy so I brought my best friend in to kick my butt into gear. She’s gonna be picking out a diverse book for me to read each month from now until she gets bored of it and we are starting with this one! Luckily for me, I already own it. Wish me luck ya’ll!


Catch Up with the Release Challenge:
Second Position, Bittersweet and The Melody of You and Me
by Katherine Locke, Sarina Bowen and M. Hollis

These are some of my anticipated books on my TBR. I’ve been wanting to read all of these for awhile so I’m gonna do my best to reach at least the first one at some point this month. Wish me luck!

Goodreads Goodreads Goodreads

Continuing Series:
The Case for Jamie, The Girl with the Clockwork Collar, Hunting Prince Dracula and Immortal Reign
by Brittany Cavallaro, Kady Cross, Kerri Maniscalco and Morgan Rhodes

All of these are books I already have from the library. So I am definitely gonna read them all so we’ll see if I manage to read them all this month or not. I am definitely gonna start with Immortal Reign because I’ve been anticipating it the longest even though I’m scared of it disappointing me.

Goodreads Goodreads Goodreads Goodreads

Currently Reading:
The Girl with the Red Balloon (The Girl with the Red Balloon #1)
by Katherine Locke

Like I said above, I’m currently reading this book. Just over a quarter into it, it’s good so far. I am interested to see how the story develops over time.


Gridiron #3 and #4
Downed and Played
by Jen Frederick

The first book in this series was really unimpressive but the second one got better. So I’m gonna give the rest of the series a try since they’re fast reads.


Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers #1)
by Penny Reid

The titles of the books in this series definitely catch my eye. I am not the biggest fan of beards (there is a lot of irony in this statement let me tell you) but I’m still interested in seeing what this book is all about. I really hope it’s funny.


Leaving Amarillo (Neon Dreams #1)
by Casey Quinn

This book has caught me eye a whole lot since I added it to my TBR. I’m always interested in books with music and dancing because I love both so much and I haven’t really read any other New Adult books with that as part of their premise. I hope to get to this.


Revved (Revved #1)
by Samantha Towle

I read a lot of sports romances in New Adult because I really like them, but usually it’s all about the more common sports, like baseball, football and hockey. This one drew my attention because it’s about race car driving which I’ve never read about. I don’t really care about it in life, however, it sounds like it could make the premise really interesting.


So that’s it for this post! I’d love to know what you guys think of the books I’m planning on reading this month specially if you’ve read them before! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on my next post!

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