May ’20 Wrap Up

Hey ya’ll!

I am super happy that I’m managing to make this post on time again! I’ve been feeling really good about how I’ve been reintegrating myself into blogging like I’ve wanted for the last three years. I can’t wait to chat with you all about what’s been going on this last month in all parts of my life.

SO let’s get started!

Personal Thoughts

First thing I want to say is I support the Black Lives Matter movement. Whether or not you reside in the United States, I am sure you have seen the protests happening around the country protesting police brutality against the Black community and specifically, looking for justice for the murder of George Floyd by a white cop. It has been incredibly important to me the last few years of my life to use my white privilege to support and uplift the voices and needs of my Black friends and community members. I continue to do that today and every day, so with that being said, HERE is a list of places where you can support their cause.

As for me, I have officially finished my last semester of community college this month! I am graduating with an Associate’s degree and this coming fall, I will be starting classes at a four-year university to earn my Bachelor’s. It’s kind of bittersweet to realize that the goal I’ve had for the last three years of my life is over and celebrating it now feels almost insensitive. I feel a lot of joy in my accomplishments but this isn’t how I was imagining rejoicing in them. I hope to be able to continue to find small moments of joy.

Library Book Haul

Book Haul

Books I Read

  1. The Calculating Stars (Lady Astronaut #1) by Mary Robinette Kowal – Technically, I read this for one of my classes this semester: Fantasy and Science Fiction. Yes, it’s super cool. I did an analysis of the feminist themes within this novel in conversation with two short stories we read in class and it’s not too shabby, if I do say so myself haha. I also really enjoyed this book as a reader and I’m looking forward to continuing the series!
  2. A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes #1) by Brittany Cavallaro – Re-read! I am a huge fan of this series and I wanted to finish it this year. However, it’s been a long time since I started it so this month, I began to re-read it. It’s been so fun to re-read it because this type of thriller allows you to pick up more clues about the mystery. I am a big fan and can’t wait to read the finale!
  3. The Chase (Briar U #1) by Elle Kennedy – I have a weakness for sports romances, specially new adult ones. (I am a new adult dating an athlete, sue me!). This is a continuation to the Off-Campus series which I read 4-5 years ago. I’ve been wanting to read this one since it came out because I wanted to see how the side characters from those books turned out and found love. I was not disappointed!
  4. Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #3) by Jenny Han – The other two books I read after watching the Netflix movies but after reading the second book, I really wanted to know what else there could be from this story. I honestly felt like this series could’ve been a duology, but I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s super interesting to see how high school sweethearts deal with college and I think it was a good way to wrap up this love story.
  5. The Risk (Briar U #2) by Elle Kennedy – I really liked this one! I was surprised that the romance was about two completely new characters. Honestly, I was expecting this to be the same style as the first series where the focus is only on the players of one school. It took me by surprise to have the love interest be from the opposite side but I think it made the book more entertaining.
  6. The Play (Briar U #3) by Elle Kennedy – In this series, this is definitely my favorite book! I love a good friends to lovers romance as well as a latinx love interest so this went right up my alley. I liked how the romance developed and how the characters got to know each other. Honestly, I want to re-read this one already haha.
  7. The Last of August (Charlotte Holmes #2) by Brittany Cavallaro – Re-read! Like I said above, I’m continuing with this series and I think this is my favorite book so far! There’s a lot more stakes, drama and intense situations that definitely take the series to a whole other level. The relationships between the characters are also more complex now and I can’t wait to see how everything hashes out.

Challenges Update

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge – 40/40 (100%) I updated my challenge goal by 10 once I reached 30 and I think I am going to raise it again by 10 throughout the year as long as I keep making my goal!
  • Read It While It’s Hot Challenge – 1/12
  • Finishing the Series Challenge – 4/12

So that’s it for this post! I hope you are all doing well. Let me know your thoughts about the books I’ve read! Also, chat with me about the books you read this month. Most importantly, I hope you’re using your voice to stand up and defend Black lives right now. Read books by black authors in all genres and make it a goal to be consistently anti-racist, offline and online.

2 thoughts on “May ’20 Wrap Up

  1. From my little corner of the world we are following all that’s been happening and trying to learn as much as I can.
    Congratulations on achieving your goals!
    Elle Kennedy has started to be for me a romance author I know I’ll like, kind of 90% sure of that even without reading the premise.
    Hope you have an amazing reading month!

    Liked by 1 person

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