On Writing, Emotions and Sharing Yourself: “Sentimientos in Waves” Collection Series

Hey ya’ll!

I’m sharing something new today which is kind of nerve wracking so I hope ya’ll go easy on me. For my last semester of my community college career, I took a creative writing class. It was one of the most intense and exposing experiences of my life. I was terrified the entire time because I had never really given writing a shot and I wanted to do well!

With that being said, I will be sharing the assignments I did for this class with you all!

SO let’s get started!

Starting Out

When I started the class, I decided that I was going to give all of myself to the assignments. I don’t tend to do anything with less than 100% of my energy and I didn’t want my fear for this new adventure to revert me to that kind of attitude. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the assignments or what I would end up talking about but I was really hopeful.

The first few assignments were the easiest which seems kind of counter productive haha. But it was within a genre that I had dabbled in before because of a different English class so I felt pretty confident with those in the beginning. However, it only got harder from there! I had to dig really deep into myself and honestly, even into some of my personal trauma, to be able to create the best work that I possibly could.

I am honestly really proud of everything I wrote that semester. I didn’t really believe I was capable of it, so to come out of the semester not only with so many different assignments from different genres written, but to also feel like I created something good, and worthwhile is amazing! I hope you all enjoy my words.

What I’m Sharing

I did a total of eight different pieces for my Creative Writing class: two creative nonfiction, two fiction, three poems and one performance piece where I ended up creating a spoken word poem.

However, on this very public platform, I will only be sharing six of these pieces. The creative nonfiction pieces feel much too personal to share for the whole world to see. Not that the other pieces are any less personal, but there’s a certain degree of separation from myself and the rest of the pieces which makes sharing them kind of scary but also kind of exciting.

Sentimientos in Waves is what I titled my collection when I turned it in for credit and I still feel like it fits the themes within really well. Each piece has a part of myself within it. All of my feelings are laid out within those words but my hope is that they are like the tides during sunset: a quick splash of surprise followed by the retreat into calmer waters.

Starting next week, I will be sharing one piece once a week to all of you! I hope someone will read them and share their thoughts on them but also that they are very gentle with me haha. If you happen to become one of those people, I can’t wait to see what you think!

So that’s it for this post! I hope you are all as excited as I am about this new little adventure. Let me know what you’re most looking forward to seeing from me. I am very nervous so please help me feel better! haha

6 thoughts on “On Writing, Emotions and Sharing Yourself: “Sentimientos in Waves” Collection Series

  1. That’s incredible, Sara! I am really excited that you decided to share your stories with us and can’t wait to read them. I fully understand not wanting to share or being hesitant about releasing such personal creations of yours into the world, but I am proud of you for doing it anyway!

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