Welcome to my review page!

Here you will find links to all the different reviews that I have posted on my blog since I started in August 2015. There are three different categories: ARCs, Books and Series Reviews.

No matter which kind of review, they all have the same format.

The first section is called Critically. This is where I give my spoiler-free thoughts on three sections of the book: the plot, the writing style, and the characters. I give a different star review for each section that is unrelated to the general rating of the book.

The second section is called Emotionally. This is pretty much where I ramble about my feelings on the book. Anything that hit me emotionally, or caught me off guard, etc will be discussed in this section. It is generally spoiler free but it’s the part where I explain things in more detail so proceed with caution. In case you haven’t read the book, this will be preceded by the read more tag so no one gets spoiled by accident.